New Jersey’s Governor Race Sees Democrat and GOP Challenger Go Head to Head

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Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli were the 2 main enactment candidates locked successful a neck-and-neck battle on Tuesday as citizens of New Jersey voted for their adjacent governor.

Polls closed astatine 8 p.m. on predetermination time as New Jerseyans voted to determine whether to person different word with Democratic politician Murphy or elect erstwhile assemblyman Ciattarelli.

Murphy became New Jersey’s 56th politician connected Jan. 16, 2018. If helium were to triumph Tuesday’s vote, it would people the archetypal clip a Democratic politician has been reelected successful New Jersey since Brenden Byrne successful 1977.

While determination were astatine slightest 5 names to prime from for the state’s apical post, Murphy and Ciattarelli were the 2 wide favorites, with Murphy, 64, starring by arsenic overmuch as 11 points according to a Monmouth University canvass released past week.

But Ciattarelli, 59, is presently starring the mode with 50.1 percent of the votes, according to a POLITICO poll. But Murphy isn’t acold down with 49.2 percent of the vote.

A cardinal contented for Democrats successful this years’ predetermination is taxes. New Jersey homeowners wage the highest spot taxes successful the United States, with a 2.49 percent existent property taxation rate, according to a March 2021 poll by WalletHub.

Ciattarelli’s campaign has promised to little those taxes and frost them altogether for homeowners who are aged 65 and above, careless of income oregon magnitude of residency.

Ciattarelli’s ads and run rhetoric often featured Murphy telling an assemblage that, “if you’re a one-issue elector and taxes are your contented … we’re astir apt not your state,” arsenic per POLITICO.

The former assemblyman has besides said helium will restore state assistance to struggling suburban, enactment areas, and agrarian schools, marque wellness attraction much affordable and support aesculapian freedom, including opposing mandatory vaccinations and alleged vaccine passports.

Meanwhile, Murphy’s campaign also focused connected providing New Jerseyans with much affordable housing, transgression justness reform, and ramping up testing capabilities to 400+ sites statewide to guarantee authorities residents person entree to reliable, regular, and escaped COVID-19 tests, among different things.

He has besides focused connected cardinal issues such as termination and weapon control, noting that Ciattarelli had called for banning abortions aft 20 weeks and relaxing New Jersey’s weapon power laws, which are among the strictest successful the nation.

But unlike Ciattarelli, Murphy has not promised to chopped spot taxes. Instead, he told WNYC that higher taxes means, “the champion nationalist schools successful America. It means among the champion wellness attraction systems successful America. It means a determination 2nd to nary that we request to put aggressively in.”

Voters crossed New Jersey were besides casting ballots for a fig of different things connected Tuesday, including each 120 seats successful the New Jersey State Legislature, and whether oregon not to let betting on the state’s assemblage teams oregon teams from different states who are playing there.

They besides voted connected whether oregon not organizations that are allowed to clasp raffles should beryllium capable to support the wealth they rise to enactment themselves. Currently, lone veterans and elder national groups are permitted to bash so.

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