New Liberal Gun Amendments Target ‘Bird Hunters,’ ‘Grandpa’s Hunting Rifle’: Tory MP

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'Sneaky' additions to Bill C-21 volition criminalize firearms owners, Conservatives say

Conservative MP and nationalist information professional Raquel Dancho contiguous called the Liberal government’s last-minute amendments to their weapon power legislation, Bill C-21, “sneaky” and “the largest battle connected hunters successful Canadian history.”

“They’re going aft Grandpa Joe’s hunting firearm alternatively of gangsters successful Toronto,” Dancho told reporters successful Ottawa connected Nov. 24.

She told a House committee the aforesaid time that the amendments amounted to “an all-out warfare connected hunters,” and suggested the Trudeau authorities yet wants the quality to “ban each azygous firearm exemplary successful this country.”

The caller amendments are earlier the House of Commons Standing Committee connected Public Safety and National Security (SECU), for a last clause-by-clause review, the past measurement earlier going to the Senate for last approval.

310-page list of the sweeping amendments was made nationalist connected Nov. 24. If passed, an further 300 to 400 rifles and shotguns, astir of which are presently ineligible and unregistered, volition beryllium instantly amerciable to person oregon use. This is successful summation to much than 1,500 firearms archetypal projected to beryllium banned and prohibited successful the May 2020 archetypal draught of weapon measure C-21.

The amendments, if passed, would prohibit each semi-automatic centre-fire rifles (ammo which has the primer successful the centre of the cartridge, versus rim-fire which has the primer successful the rim) and semi-auto shotguns, legally purchased and owned, sometimes passed down arsenic household heirlooms. Canada has astir 2.2 cardinal licensed firearms owners that volition beryllium affected by the projected ban.

The amendments themselves person ne'er been debated successful the House of Commons, a constituent repeatedly mentioned astatine the SECU meeting connected Nov. 24.

Rocket Launchers, .22 ‘Plinkers’ Banned

The database of projected banned guns includes a wide scope of weapons, for example, rocket launchers similar the M47 Dragon, a giant, shoulder-fired, portable anti-tank guided missile, and the RPG-76 Komar, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, which mean Canadians mightiness find hard to purchase.

The amendments would adhd the fashionable Ruger PC Carbine to the list, a lightweight pistol-calibre firearm loading 9mm ammo, that Canadians could acquisition from the antagonistic astatine their section Cabela’s oregon autarkic weapon store.

Dancho said the prohibition would besides prohibition hundreds of models of communal hunting rifles, made by Remington, Benelli, Winchester, Browning, which manufacturers marque to “cater to hunters.” They don’t cater to “weapons of war,” said Dancho.

Liberal MP Pam Damoff, parliamentary caput to Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, told the committee that “These are guns designed for war, military-style battle weapons, weapons designed for the battlefield.”

She said that determination needs to beryllium “a wide explanation successful the Criminal Code for weapons that person nary spot successful our society” and nary loopholes for weapon manufacturers to enactment astir the prohibited list.

The amendments would let governments to prohibition each aboriginal variants of these guns. Variants person nary ineligible definition, the committee heard, but volition beryllium based connected the government’s “technical experts.” They would besides marque immoderate firearm that tin clasp a detachable mag illegal. An evergreen explanation would beryllium added to the Criminal Code to screen what the authorities volition specify arsenic a prohibited, “assault-style” firearm.

During the committee meeting, Acting Director General, Firearms Policy, Rachel Mainville-Dale, said the amendments beforehand the government’s “policy nonsubjective of enhancing nationalist safety,” by banning “assault-style” firearms, which “pose a important hazard to nationalist safety.”

‘Assault Weapon’

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd told the committee that “There is nary explanation of a military-style battle weapon, that’s a word made up by this government.”

Mainville-Dale responded, “There is nary explanation of a military-style battle limb successful law.”

She said the authorities made the determination of an ‘assault’ limb “based connected the quality of these firearms to execute sustained semi-automatic accelerated fire,” that they are “based connected a tactical oregon subject design,” and are “capable of holding a ample magazine” with 5 oregon much rounds of ammunition.

The database of projected further firearms to beryllium banned includes an ISSC MK22—a semi-automatic rimfire 22LR rifle, besides known arsenic a “plinker,” commonly utilized for vertebrate hunting and tiny rodents similar gophers—and a Mossberg .22 with a wood stock. Also connected the database is the SKS, 1 of the astir wide utilized centre-fire, semi-automatic rifles successful Canada, with an estimated 200,000 owners. SKS’ are peculiarly utilized successful the indigenous community, said Dancho.

These are the guns the Liberal authorities is likening “to a limb of war,” she said.

Dancho said determination would besides beryllium nary buyback for semi-automatic guns that are prohibited.

“We’re talking vertebrate hunters… [who] usage semi-automatic shotguns,” she said. “This is nary longer astir sports shooters and their handguns. This is astir hunters and farmers who usage semi-automatic shotguns to spell geese hunting.”

“With this amendment, determination volition beryllium good implicit a million, apt more, semi-automatic, perfectly reasonable, modular hunting guns that are banned,” Dancho said, noting galore hunters usage semi-automatic shotguns oregon rifles.

Guns Are ‘Tools’

Dancho gave an illustration of the “utility factor” she says was being “discounted” successful the projected ban, citing the request for farmers to usage guns to woody with unsafe animals specified arsenic chaotic boars, an invasive taxon spreading into confederate Sask. and Alta.

“If you are charged by a battalion of chaotic boars, you amended anticipation you person a semi-automatic hunting firearm with you,” she said.

“You amended anticipation that you’re capable to support your livestock, your workplace dogs, and your kids that are with you. There is simply a inferior origin successful this that’s being wholly discounted,” added Dancho, who said guns are “tools.”

In Canada, semi-automatic, centre-fire agelong guns (rifles) and handguns are already constricted by law to a maximum of 5 rounds successful a magazine. Many of the guns connected the projected amendment database are presently unrestricted, and lone required a firearms licence (PAL) to own.

Lloyd said the amendments would marque those types of guns instantly prohibited, which would crook millions of weapon owners into criminals for owning oregon utilizing antecedently acquired, legally-owned, idiosyncratic property.

An further constituent of the projected amendment alters the Criminal Code truthful that firearm parts, specified arsenic a tube oregon a descent for a handgun could lone beryllium transferred legally to an idiosyncratic with a firearms license.

Marnie Cathcart


Marnie Cathcart is simply a newsman based successful Edmonton.