New variety theater to open in Manhattan this fall

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A show  abstraction  with an attached edifice  and aperitivo barroom  attached volition  instrumentality     halfway  signifier    erstwhile   it opens adjacent  month. A show abstraction with an attached edifice and aperitivo barroom attached volition instrumentality halfway signifier erstwhile it opens adjacent month.

The 160-seat Midnight Theatre volition beryllium located person to the Hudson River than Broadway. 

An Art Deco-inspired venue is coming to the West Side’s 8-acre, city-within-a-city Manhattan West. Set to statesman entertaining New Yorkers connected Sept. 21, the city’s newest show abstraction promises to showcase a wide scope of endowment portion besides keeping audiences good fed and boozed. 

Midnight volition big “experiences” from “the worlds of Broadway, music, magic, drama and more,” the venture’s originative director, Warren Adcock, told The Post. 

Drinks and sustenance volition beryllium provided by the separate, but in-house, barroom and restaurant, Hidden Leaf, from Lilia and Saint Vitus restaurateur Josh Cohen. That information has been unfastened since July. 

“When paired with the paper astatine our pan-Asian edifice Hidden Leaf, we purpose to connection guests a unsocial nighttime connected the municipality that excites each the senses,” added Adcock of showgoers’ quality to devour dim sum and wok dishes portion watching magic shows.

The venue besides has a street-level aperitivo barroom constituent called Midnight Cafe, which has been slinging trade cocktails and a “high-energy, amusive experience, soundtracked to ’70s Italian disco” since past month. 

midnight theatre manhattan westThe Art Deco-inspired entrance. Brett Beyer Photography
midnight theatre manhattan westThe intimate abstraction seats 160 people. Jason Greenspan
midnight theatre manhattan westThe venue is acceptable to unfastened connected Sept. 21. Jason Greenspan
midnight theatre manhattan westHidden Leaf has been unfastened since past month. Brett Beyer Photography
midnight theatre manhattan westMastercard has installed an “immersive” projection strategy into the walls. Jason Greenspan

“The thought is you travel spot a amusement nether our extortion and past spell get dinner, oregon vice versa,” Adcock told TimeOut. “We each spell to the theatre but it’s not the smoothest experience. There are a ton of different radical and, if determination is simply a eating constituent to it, it’s a portion of pizza oregon a repast successful the Theater District pursuing the show. Maybe you’re buying costly vino astatine the concession stand. We acceptable retired to bring the hospitality constituent to the theatre broadside of things.” 

Mastercard is progressive successful the abstraction arsenic a sponsor, and has located its new, eponymous “innovative multisensory studio” — consisting of a “270-degree immersive projection strategy to digitally alteration the décor of the room” successful the theater’s walls. 

The thought for the venue was calved backmost successful 2018, erstwhile Manhattan West developer Brookfield showed Cohen an tremendous retail abstraction successful the luxury playground of a neighborhood.  

“[They] asked him to marque a edifice but the abstraction was huge,” Cohen recalled to TimeOut. “It was 11,000 quadrate feet with a information of it that had nary columns truthful it was an perfect amusement space.”

Midnight Theatre is located astatine 75 Manhattan West Plaza.