New Year’s Eve survival guide: how and where to ring in 2023 across Australia

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It’s the archetypal New Year’s Eve successful 3 years with nary Covid-19 restrictions anyplace successful Australia – and it’s astir to spell disconnected with a bang.

Revellers heading to ticker the fireworks successful each metropolis are being warned to program ahead, battalion airy and expect an Uber surcharge.

Thousands of radical astir the state volition ticker fireworks to ringing successful the caller year.

In Sydney alone, 2,000 fireworks volition beryllium launched from the 4 sails of the Opera House, portion 7,000 effects volition occurrence from 184 positions connected the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Foti International Fireworks director, Fortunato Foti, said this twelvemonth would beryllium the champion 1 yet for the harbour city.

“We enactment much than 4,000 hours into designing, staging and launching the fireworks truthful we tin springiness radical a crushed to accidental ‘that was the champion show ever’.”

“With truthful galore radical yet capable to travel and ticker the fireworks successful person, we truly wanted to marque definite they were successful for thing special,” helium said.

From the harbourside to the Derwent River, the skies volition beryllium lit up successful lights. So if you’re heading out, present is simply a speedy endurance usher to readying your night.

Get nationalist transport

No 1 wants to ticker the fireworks spell disconnected successful their rearview reflector arsenic they thrust astir successful circles looking for a park.

To debar this, astir of the superior cities are putting connected other nationalist transport options.

In Sydney, determination volition beryllium large roadworthy closures to let for the fireworks, truthful revellers are being told to program up arsenic nationalist transport is the lone mode to question into the CBD.

“Getting into and retired of the metropolis is antithetic connected New Year’s Eve,” a spokesperson for City of Sydney said.

“People request to let plentifulness of clip to get to their destination. There volition beryllium ample crowds, roadworthy closures and introduction cut-off times astatine immoderate destinations, truthful we promote radical not to permission their readying to the past minute.”

Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide volition each person escaped nationalist transport for the evening and into the aboriginal hours of 2023.

In Hobart, determination are 4 locations that volition person the champion presumption – including the Taste of Summer, Parliament House Lawns and Princes Park, each of which tin beryllium accessed by nationalist transport. At the Regatta Grounds, determination is escaped parking.

Get your tickets organised

To ticker the fireworks successful definite cities, specified arsenic Sydney, Perth oregon Adelaide, immoderate radical volition request to get tickets beforehand – adjacent for the escaped spots.

Darwin Waterfront is simply a escaped event, and nary tickets are required.

“We privation radical to program their nighttime and double-check whether they request a summons this twelvemonth for the spot they’re readying to ticker from,” a spokesperson for Sydney metropolis assembly said.

For those not funny successful a harbourside spot, determination are 9 parks astir Balmain and Birchgrove wherever radical tin ticker the fireworks for free.

You tin get a summons oregon information connected vantage points here.

In Adelaide, aboriginal introduction to the family-friendly lawsuit astatine Rymill Park is presently booked retired but non-ticketholders whitethorn beryllium admitted aft 8pm taxable to capacity.

Plan ahead, prime wherever you privation to beryllium and cheque if you request a ticket.

It’s packed – there’s rather a spot of lasting and often a locomotion home. Wear the close shoes.

Pack airy and cheque the drinking regulations

No 1 wants to beryllium near carrying 2 iceboxes afloat of brew they couldn’t portion due to the fact that they were successful a adust portion erstwhile the amusement is done and dusted.

Some authoritative celebrations volition beryllium booze-free – specified arsenic Brisbane and Darwin – portion others, similar Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, volition person antithetic regulations depending connected what spot you are in.

In Adelaide, Light It Up is simply a licensed event, with radical allowed to acquisition intoxicant successful definite areas.

In Canberra, determination volition beryllium 4 hub areas on Lake Burley Griffin – astatine Regatta Point, Patrick White Lawns, Rond Terrace and Bowen Park – and radical are allowed to bring intoxicant to all.

Give up connected the cleanable picture

Take photos of your mates, of your family, of the caller friends you’ve conscionable made – but fireworks photos taken with a telephone are often disappointing astatine best. If you bash privation to instrumentality immoderate pics, do a spot of probe beforehand.

But otherwise, look up, bask and bring successful the caller year.

Here is simply a speedy rundown of events successful each capital:


Sydney is home to Australia’s astir spectacular fireworks displays, which statesman astatine 9pm and midnight. A afloat database of vantage points astir the harbour, galore of which are sold out, is disposable here.

There are besides smaller displays astatine Coogee, crossed 5 sites successful the Parramatta assembly area, four sites connected the bluish beaches and immoderate different suburbs and determination areas. Check your section council’s website for details.


There are family-friendly zones acceptable up successful Docklands, Flagstaff Gardens, Kings Domain and Treasury Gardens for the 9pm fireworks and a show astatine midnight, with 30 rooftops successful the CBD utilized to motorboat the fireworks.

There volition beryllium amusement and nutrient trucks successful the 4 zones, with the enactment kicking disconnected astatine 6pm.


The Lord Mayor’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks volition airy up South Bank astatine 8.30pm for families with young children and astatine midnight.

The champion vantage points volition beryllium Clem Jones Promenade, Streets Beach, River Quay Green and Riverside Green, and the Cultural Forecourt.


There volition beryllium 4 hub areas acceptable up on the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin astatine Regatta Point, Patrick White Lawns, Rond Terrace and Bowen Park to supply the champion vantage points.

There are 2 synchronised fireworks shows, 9pm and midnight, with fireworks launched from the 2 barges crossed the Central and East basins. You tin see a representation of the lawsuit here.


A escaped Light Up festival volition beryllium held successful Rymill Park, astatine the country of East Terrace and Rundle Road, with 2 firework shows, 1 astatine 9.30pm and the different astatine midnight.

On Glenelg beach, amusement starts astatine 7pm, with the Australian Rock Collective to perform. There volition beryllium 2 fireworks displays, astatine 9.30pm and midnight.


Fireworks volition beryllium acceptable disconnected from a barge connected the River Derwent astatine 9.30pm and midnight.

The champion vantage points are the Regatta Grounds, Parliament House Lawns and Princes Park.


For the archetypal time, Perth is going to clasp a family-friendly fireworks display successful Elizabeth Quay. It’s acceptable to commencement astatine 9pm. There volition beryllium a just with nutrient trucks and a clump of antithetic rides for each ages.

The accepted midnight fireworks volition inactive spell ahead, launching from 4 rooftops successful the CBD.

The champion spots to ticker are Yagan Square, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge Piazza and James Street.


The celebrations on Darwin’s waterfront volition footwear disconnected astatine 3pm, with entertainment, including the Bananas successful Pyjamas commencing astatine 5pm. Entry is via Kitchener Drive, Darwin Convention Centre porte cochere, oregon Anchorage Court.

Fireworks displays are scheduled for 9pm and midnight.

And if you program to enactment astatine home, you tin spot Sydney’s fireworks connected TV oregon online. ABC TV and ABC iview volition broadcast unrecorded from Sydney Harbour astatine 8.30pm.