New York City Firehouses Face Shutdowns Amid De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate

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Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) said 26 New York City firehouses halted operations connected Saturday “due to Mayor de Blasio’s determination to fastener unvaccinated firefighters retired of work,” though the city’s occurrence main said the section had not closed immoderate firehouses and blamed “irresponsible bogus sick leave” by firefighters seemingly protesting a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that requires them to get the changeable oregon look unpaid leave.

“As of 7:30 this morning, 26 FDNY stations, including 5 successful my district, person closed owed to Mayor de Blasio’s determination to fastener unvaccinated firefighters retired of work,” Malliotakis said successful an Oct. 30 statement, citing accusation from the Uniformed Firefighters Association.

De Blasio recently announced a sweeping mandate requiring the full municipal workforce to get vaccinated—with nary investigating option—by an Oct. 29 deadline, prompting protests by municipal workers and sympathizers opposed to the mandate and sparking concerns astir a shortage of archetypal responders.

“The shortage of perchance thousands of firefighters volition undoubtedly effect successful longer effect times, starring to an accrued imaginable for wounded oregon death,” Malliotakis said. “Likewise, astatine a clip erstwhile transgression is skyrocketing, our metropolis simply cannot spend to suffer experienced detectives, constabulary officers, and archetypal responders.’

“I impulse the Mayor to reverse this mandate instantly earlier idiosyncratic is wounded arsenic a result. If not, I fearfulness the consequences volition beryllium dire,” she added.

FDNY officials told WABC connected Saturday they were alert of an antithetic fig of firefighters visiting aesculapian offices and calling successful sick, with the outlet reporting officials saying that, connected Friday, 10 occurrence companies had temporarily halted operations owed to what appeared to beryllium a constricted occupation action.

While FDNY officials did not corroborate to WABC whether the fig Malliotakis cited successful her connection was accurate, FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said successful a connection that “the section has not closed immoderate firehouses.”

“Irresponsible bogus sick permission by immoderate of our members is creating a information for New Yorkers and their chap firefighters. They request to instrumentality to enactment oregon hazard the consequences of their actions,” Nigro added.

Union leaders denied that the sick leaves were owed to occupation action.

“Is determination a sickout? Not to my knowledge, no,” said Andrew Ansbro with the Uniformed Firefighters Association, according to WABC.

De Blasio said at an Oct. 28 property conference, connected the eve of the deadline for municipal workers to person astatine slightest 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine oregon look being sent location without wage starting Nov. 1, that helium believed metropolis workers reluctant to get the vaccine would reconsider and, ultimately, determine to get the shot.

Asked by a newsman whether de Blasio was having immoderate 2nd thoughts astir the mandate fixed the likelihood that immoderate police, fire, and sanitation workers would alternatively discontinue oregon spell connected permission alternatively than get the shot, the New York politician replied successful the negative.

“No, I americium not having 2nd thoughts,” de Blasio said. “We expected that a batch of the vaccinations would hap toward the extremity of the deadline. We besides cognize a batch of radical marque the determination erstwhile they truly recognize that they’re not going to get paid. That’s conscionable the quality reality.”

As of Sunday, the vaccination complaint for each FDNY members was 80 percent, including 75 percent for firefighters, 87 percent for EMS, and 90 percent of civilian employees, according to FDNY.

In the look of absorption to de Blasio’s mandate, thousands of firefighters protested astatine the mayor’s residence connected Thursday, raising concerns of walkouts and retiring.

It comes arsenic a caller Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 37 percent of unvaccinated workers would discontinue their jobs if their leader required that they either instrumentality play COVID-19 tests oregon get vaccinated.

And portion 25 percent of each adults polled said they cognize idiosyncratic who has near their occupation owed to a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, 5 percent of unvaccinated workers—or 1 percent of each adults—have done truthful themselves.

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