New Zealand Becomes First Country in the World to Pass Climate Change Disclosure Law

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New Zealand has go the archetypal state successful the satellite to walk a instrumentality ensuring fiscal organizations disclose and enactment connected climate-related risks and opportunities, the government announced connected Thursday.

The Financial Sector (Climate-related Disclosures and Other Matters) Amendment Bill passed its 3rd speechmaking with the extremity of driving New Zealand’s propulsion toward c neutrality by 2050.

In a statement, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark and Climate Change Minister James Shaw said the measure was 1 of respective actions New Zealand’s authorities is taking to meet its planetary obligations successful achieving the c neutrality extremity arsenic required by the Climate Change Response Act 2002.

The measure would necessitate astir 200 fiscal marketplace participants to intelligibly disclose the risks and opportunities climate change presents their business.

The caller rules would use to the largest financial firms successful New Zealand, including banks, recognition unions, and gathering societies with full assets of much than NZ$1 cardinal ($718.90 million), managers of registered concern schemes with much than NZ$1 cardinal successful full assets nether management, and licensed insurers with much than NZ$1 cardinal successful full assets oregon yearly premium income greater than NZ$250 cardinal ($180 million), according to the Ministry for the Environment.

It would besides use to equity and indebtedness issuers listed connected the New Zealand stock exchange and Crown fiscal institutions with greater than NZ$1 cardinal successful full assets nether management, noting that the thresholds would beryllium accrued from clip to clip to bespeak the movements successful the user terms index.

Currently, the majority of ample New Zealand entities supply constricted oregon nary accusation connected what clime alteration mightiness mean to them, oregon are reporting successful inconsistent ways, the ministry said.

The instrumentality volition necessitate disclosures for fiscal years opening successful 2023, taxable to the work of clime standards from New Zealand’s autarkic accounting modular setter, the External Reporting Board (XRB).

The XRB’s clime standards volition beryllium based connected the recommendations of the Task Force connected Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) connected Governance, Risk Management, Strategy, and Metrics and Targets, which are widely acknowledged arsenic planetary champion practice.

Both the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister said successful a connection connected Oct. 21 that the caller instrumentality volition beforehand concern certainty, rise expectations, and accelerate advancement to make a “level playing field.”

“Climate-related disclosures volition bring clime risks and resilience into the bosom of fiscal and concern determination making. It volition promote entities to go much sustainable by factoring the short, medium, and semipermanent effects of clime alteration into their concern decisions,” Shaw said.

“New Zealand is simply a world-leader successful this country and the archetypal state successful the satellite to present mandatory climate-related reporting for the fiscal sector. We person an accidental to pave the mode for different countries to marque climate-related disclosures mandatory,” helium added.

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