New Zealand Police Answer 4-Year-Old Boy’s Emergency Call, Confirm Toys Are Cool

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand—An exigency telephone made by a 4-year-old New Zealand boy asking for police to travel implicit and cheque retired his toys prompted a real-life callout and confirmation from an serviceman that the toys were, indeed, beauteous cool.

Police shared audio of the telephone connected societal media this week on with a photograph of the smiling lad sitting connected the hood of a patrol cruiser, noting that portion they don’t promote children to telephone the exigency number, the incidental was “too cute not to share.”

The telephone begins each business: “This is police, wherever is the emergency?”

There’s a intermission arsenic the unidentified lad hesitantly says, “Hi,” and past “Police lady?”

“Yes,” the dispatcher says, switching to a friendlier, singsong tone. “What’s going on?”

“Um, tin I archer you something?” the lad asks, and aft being told helium can, says “I’ve got immoderate toys for you.”

“You’ve got immoderate toys for me?” says the dispatcher.

“Yep. Come implicit and spot them,” the lad replies.

A antheral past gets connected the telephone confirming the telephone was a mistake, saying the 4-year-old had been helping retired portion his parent was sick.

A constabulary dispatch telephone past goes out, giving the address: “There is simply a 4-year-old determination who is wanting to amusement constabulary his toys, over.”

“Yeah, I’m one-up, I’ll be to,” responds an officer.

Police said the officer, who they identified lone arsenic Constable Kurt, was shown an array of toys astatine the boy’s location successful the South Island metropolis of Invercargill.

They said the serviceman was besides capable to person a “good, acquisition chat” astir the due usage of the exigency number, which is 111 successful New Zealand.

“He did person chill toys,” Constable Kurt reported backmost aft attending the callout, according to police. They added that: “The fortunate kid besides got to spot the patrol car and the serviceman enactment the lights connected for him, too.”

By Nick Perry

The Associated Press