New Zealand ‘suitcase’ murders: South Korea hands over 42-year-old suspect

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South Korea has extradited a 42-year-old execution fishy to New Zealand, 2 months aft she was arrested implicit her imaginable transportation to the find of the bodies of 2 long-dead children successful abandoned suitcases successful August.

South Korea’s justness ministry said connected Tuesday the unidentified pistillate was handed implicit to New Zealand authorities connected Monday evening astatine Incheon planetary airdrome adjacent Seoul. The ministry said it besides has provided New Zealand with unspecified “important evidence” connected the case.

“With the extradition, we anticipation that the information of the case, which has garnered worldwide attention, volition beryllium revealed done the just and strict judicial process of New Zealand,” the South Korean ministry said successful a statement.

South Korea’s justness minister, Han Dong-hoon, this period issued an bid for the woman’s extradition. The Seoul precocious tribunal had earlier granted support of her extradition aft she expressed her consent successful writing.

South Korean constabulary arrested the pistillate astatine a confederate larboard metropolis successful September, based connected a home tribunal warrant issued aft New Zealand requested her provisional arrest. New Zealand’s justness ministry past submitted a ceremonial petition for her extradition.

New Zealand constabulary said the South Korean warrant for the suspect’s apprehension was successful transportation with 2 execution charges. The children’s bodies were discovered successful August aft a New Zealand household bought abandoned goods, including 2 suitcases, from a retention portion successful an online auction.

The children were betwixt 5 and 10 years old, had been dormant for years, and the suitcases had been successful retention successful Auckland for astatine slightest 3 oregon 4 years, according to police.

South Korean constabulary accidental the pistillate was calved successful South Korea and aboriginal moved to New Zealand wherever she gained citizenship. Immigration records amusement she returned to South Korea successful 2018.