Newport Beach Film Festival Returns

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The 22nd Newport Beach Film Festival is making a large instrumentality for the archetypal clip since the pandemic, holding unrecorded showings of implicit 300 antithetic movies from 50 countries of each antithetic genres.

The festival, which volition spell connected for 8 days from Oct. 21–28, volition diagnostic movies playing simultaneously astatine antithetic theatre locations passim the county.

This twelvemonth is simply a truly large woody for the festival, arsenic the April 2020 festival was moved to astir wholly virtual, causing immense income losses, and the April 2021 festival had to beryllium rescheduled to the contiguous time.

“During the pandemic, it was debilitating for america being unopen down, it conscionable wholly devastated our business,” festival co-founder Todd Quartararo told The Epoch Times. “In 2020, erstwhile we were unopen down, our festival was expected to beryllium successful April. We had already had hundreds of thousands of dollars of sunk costs into producing our festival and past we were forced to adjacent connected March 15, and arsenic a result, we mislaid 95 percent of our income.

“We’re conscionable thrilled to beryllium back,” helium added. “And we’ll beryllium returning and giving our assemblage the movie acquisition that they’ve been craving and they’ve been missing for the past 2 years.”

So far, the effect has been tremendous, Quartararo said, with galore movies already selling out, causing the festival to adhd adjacent much amusement times for those fashionable movies.

In 2019, the festival had 58,000 attendees, making it the largest movie festival successful Southern California, and portion determination is expected to beryllium a ample turnout this year, it is expected to beryllium little than erstwhile years owed to pandemic-related capableness restrictions successful theaters, which volition lone beryllium 80 percent full.

Theater locations see the Lot, the Port, the Triangle, Edward’s Big Newport, and South Coast Village.

Those funny successful buying tickets tin acquisition from immoderate peculiar movie class disposable connected the Newport Beach Film Festival website, with 22 antithetic categories to take from.

Both the opening and closing nights person sold retired truthful far, which each diagnostic a movie that is related to Orange County successful immoderate way.

For opening night, the festival is showing a satellite premiere documentary connected Paul Van Doren, the laminitis of Vans footwear institution headquartered successful Costa Mesa.

On closing night, War connected the Diamond volition premier. It’s a sports movie astir the archetypal batter that was ever killed by a transportation successful a shot game, with its producers from Orange County.

“We person specified a divers scenery successful Southern California that with implicit 50 countries represented. It gives everybody an accidental to spot thing that’s of involvement to them,” Quartararo said.

Drew Van Voorhis


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