Newport Beach Police Warn of Scam Callers Impersonating Them

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Police analyse   the country   of a shooting successful  Orange, Calif., connected  April 1, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Police analyse the country of a shooting successful Orange, Calif., connected April 1, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) warned the assemblage Nov. 11 astir caller telephone scammers impersonating members of the department.

The scammers called Newport Beach residents asking the imaginable victims for their addresses and idiosyncratic information.

“The Caller ID connected these telephone calls looked similar they were NBPD telephone numbers,” the section said successful a statement. “Residents who contacted america straight were capable to corroborate that these calls did not travel from our department.”

Scammers volition often beryllium rather convincing, utilizing tactics specified arsenic manipulating the caller ID, utilizing societal media accusation they find connected imaginable victims, and adjacent hacking into email accounts to look similar they are genuinely the idiosyncratic they assertion to be, according to the constabulary department.

Police said the scammers volition often unit you and “play connected your emotions” to get wealth and idiosyncratic information, which they tin usage to make a mendacious individuality for usage successful a aboriginal crime.

Police warned erstwhile taking a telephone from an chartless fig to ever beryllium definite the caller is who they assertion to be.

The section said to verify each calls coming from an alleged authorities bureau oregon installation and to not springiness retired immoderate idiosyncratic accusation until you person done this, including your societal information number, slope relationship number, and recognition paper numbers.

You tin inquire the caller for their name, department, and concern telephone number. If they bash not springiness it to you, it’s apt a scammer, constabulary said.

To guarantee the caller is who they accidental they are, look up the telephone fig connected a verified website, telephone that number, and inquire astir the inquiry.

The section encouraged residents to walk this accusation to friends and family, arsenic adjacent if you person not received 1 of these calls, 1 of your friends may.

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