Newport-Mesa Unified Candidate Kristen Valle Wants to Invest in Children

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Kristen Valle, a campaigner successful the Nov. 8 predetermination for the Newport-Mesa Unified’s Board of Education, is calling connected the full assemblage to put successful its children.

Valle, 34, a income and selling nonrecreational who presently works for a healthcare organization, told The Epoch Times she noticed an summation successful anxiousness and slump among children implicit the past fewer years.

When her 16-year-old neighbour committed suicide, Valle said that’s erstwhile she decided to analyse the root of rising slump and anxiousness among the younger generation.

Epoch Times Photo (Courtesy of Kristen Valle)

“In our assemblage and crossed the country, determination are truthful galore kids that are depressed and anxious. Kids close present are connected antidepressants much than ever earlier and they’re committing termination astatine alarming rates,” she said. “And I thought, ‘that’s not normal, what is causing thing similar this,’ and I started digging to find out.”

Valle said she began looking into Newport-Mesa Unified’s curriculum.

“My findings were atrocious,” she said.

Valle said she is acrophobic captious contention theory—which draws from the teachings of Karl Marx and claims racism is systemic—is being taught successful U.S. schools.

“Their extremity is to make revolutionaries done Marxist ideology,” Valle said. “There’s truthful overmuch unit connected kids close present with this captious contention mentation and gender-inclusive curriculum. It’s excessively overmuch unit connected young minds, and I deliberation that’s what’s causing each the anxiousness and depression.”

According to Valle, though lessons containing captious contention mentation are presently not taught successful Newport-Mesa Unified, specified teachings person been introduced done what is called social-emotional learning—lessons meant to thatch students affectional regularisation and self-awareness—which Valle called “critical contention mentation with a cute small bow connected it.”

“I deliberation everybody wants their children to larn societal and affectional skills,” Valle said. “But that’s not what this is, it’s captious contention mentation being hidden.”

Valle said if elected, she would advocator for the removal of specified lessons from the district’s schools.

Additionally, Valle said she’d similar to enactment “less absorption connected pushing kids into a four-year assemblage and a bigger absorption connected letting kids cognize [other] opportunities they have.”

To Valle, this means placing a bigger accent connected the district’s existing Regional Occupation Program—which allows students to larn trades and occupational skills specified arsenic nursing, construction, automotive repair, and cosmetology, among others.

She besides said she would advocator for amended schoolhouse information by installing information cameras and posting “armed guards” astatine each field successful the territory if elected.

Throughout her campaign, Valle said she had been criticized for being 1 of the fewer candidates district-wide without children.

“Just due to the fact that you’re not a genitor doesn’t mean that you privation to ticker the aboriginal of our federation beryllium indoctrinated. I deliberation we should, arsenic a community, beryllium encouraging everyone to get progressive and person a accidental connected our schoolhouse board,” she said.

Valle is moving against Lisa Pearson for Trustee Area 4, which covers Newport Coast, Harbor Ridge, and a information of Corona Del Mar.

Micaela Ricaforte