Newsom Signs Legislation to Protect Workers Who Use Cannabis Outside Work

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California employers volition soon not beryllium allowed to fire—or not hire—workers for their usage of cannabis extracurricular of their workplace and enactment hours.

Gov. Gavin Newsom enactment his signature connected Assembly Bill 2188 Sept. 18 to prohibit employers from discriminating against a idiosyncratic successful hiring, termination, oregon presumption and conditions of employment based connected a cause screening trial uncovering the beingness of non-psychoactive cannabis metabolites successful their strategy oregon for the person’s off-duty use.

Recreational usage of cannabis is ineligible successful the state.

AB 2188 was portion of a bid of authorities signed by the politician to “strengthen California’s cannabis laws, grow the ineligible cannabis marketplace and redress the harms of cannabis prohibition,” according to a Sept. 18 statement by Newsom’s office.

“For excessively galore Californians, the committedness of cannabis legalization remains retired of reach,” Newsom said. “These measures physique connected the important strides our authorities has made toward this goal, but overmuch enactment remains to physique an equitable, harmless and sustainable ineligible cannabis industry. I look guardant to partnering with the Legislature and policymakers to afloat recognize cannabis legalization successful communities crossed California.”

Epoch Times Photo The California authorities superior gathering successful Sacramento connected April 18, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The legislation’s author, Assemblyman Bill Quirk (D-Hayward), said connected Twitter the measurement was “long overdue.”

“Thank you to the advocates and sponsors for your continued support,” Quirk wrote connected Twitter aft the signing. “I applaud the Governor for his committedness to redress the harms of cannabis prohibition.”

The instrumentality goes into effect Jan. 1, 2024, and exempts those moving successful gathering and construction, and occupation positions that necessitate national inheritance clearances.

The California Cannabis Industry Association told The Epoch Times the measure inactive allows employers to usage tests to find “whether idiosyncratic is nether the power of cannabis portion actively connected the job.”

The Drug Policy Alliance, a pro-legal marijuana enactment co-founded by George Soros, advocated for the bill’s passage.

“CA employees deserved the aforesaid rights arsenic workers successful different states similar [New York and Nevada] that already passed laws protecting against workplace punishment for ineligible marijuana usage off-the-clock,” the confederation wrote connected Twitter.

California NORML, a non-profit radical dedicated to protecting and expanding cannabis consumers’ rights, sponsored the bill. The radical told legislators workers person a close to prosecute successful ineligible enactment portion distant from the job, yet workers and applicants are losing occupation opportunities oregon being fired due to the fact that they trial affirmative for marijuana use.

Epoch Times Photo Customers store for marijuana products astatine Catalyst Cannabis Dispensary successful Santa Ana, Calif., connected Feb. 18, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The California Cannabis Industry Association told The Epoch Times successful a erstwhile interrogation successful aboriginal September the measure inactive allows employers to usage tests to find “whether idiosyncratic is nether the power of cannabis portion actively connected the job.”

“The measure does not forestall employers from drug-testing employees but alternatively states that a trial for non-psychoactive cannabis metabolites linger successful the assemblage for up to months aft idiosyncratic uses cannabis, is not grounds for hiring oregon termination,” the association’s Executive Director Lindsay Robinson said.

The California Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill, saying it volition inactive hazard workplace information and “create a protected presumption for marijuana usage successful [Fair Employment and Housing Act].”

“California employers whitethorn look liability erstwhile they instrumentality morganatic disciplinary measures against their employees,” the California Chamber of Commerce said, according to a measure analysis. “If California policymakers privation to unit a displacement towards newer investigating technologies—that is 1 thing. But we bash not judge marijuana should beryllium elevated to a legally protected presumption supra comparable drugs (like alcohol).”

Epoch Times Photo A record photograph of a cannabis illustration successful Santa Ana, Calif., connected Feb. 18, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The politician besides signed respective different cannabis-related bills, including the following:

  • SB 1186 preempts section bans connected medicinal cannabis delivery, expanding patients’ entree to legal, regulated cannabis products.
  • AB 1706 allows Californians with aged cannabis-related convictions to person them sealed.
  • SB 1326 creates a process for California to participate into agreements with different states to let cannabis transactions with entities extracurricular California.
  • AB 1885 allows veterinarians to urge cannabis for pets.
  • AB 2210 volition let venues hosting impermanent events to get some liquor and cannabis licenses arsenic agelong arsenic the merchantability and depletion of marijuana and alcoholic beverages hap separately, according to Quirk, who is besides the writer of this legislation.
  • AB 1186, dubbed the Medicinal Cannabis Patients’ Right of Access Act, prohibits a section jurisdiction from restricting the retail merchantability of medicinal cannabis by transportation to patients oregon their superior caregivers by licensed medicinal cannabis businesses.

Jill McLaughlin