NFL Power Rankings for Week 9: New leader of the Pack’

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Aaron Rodgers yet gets backmost to the Super Bowl for the archetypal clip since 2010, wins his 2nd ringing and inactive forces his mode retired of Green Bay to marque his constituent astir management.

The soap-opera publication to play retired successful January, February and March is casual to forecast astatine the midpoint of the play due to the fact that Rodgers — 1 of the NFL’s large grudge-holders — has led the Packers to 7 consecutive wins. It seems similar everlastingly agone that determination was chatter helium mightiness discontinue alternatively than play for the Packers this season, but it’s not existent that winning cures all. There inactive is simply a batch to settee here.

What is wide close now? The NFC is amended than the AFC — and the Packers are the people of the NFC.

Here are The Post’s powerfulness rankings for Week 9:

1. Green Bay Packers, 7-1 (Last week: 3)

The Packers went connected the roadworthy to look the NFL’s past undefeated squad without 3 apical receivers, including All-Pro Davante Adams. No problem. Randall Cobb turned backmost the clock, which shows Rodgers is simply a astute wide manager — helium demanded a preseason commercialized for Cobb — arsenic good arsenic a Hall of Fame quarterback. Journeyman Rasul Douglas’ end-zone interception sealed the 24-21 win.

2. Arizona Cardinals, 7-1 (1)

Needing a tract extremity to necktie oregon a touchdown to bushed the Packers, the Cardinals drove 94 yards connected their last possession — and inactive didn’t people due to the fact that A.J. Green didn’t effort to drawback the walk that Douglas intercepted. J.J. Watt could miss the remainder of the season, which is simply a bummer for a erstwhile Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

3. Los Angeles Rams, 7-1 (2)

Two weeks aft gathering a 38-3 pb connected the Giants, the Rams built a 38-0 pb connected the Texans. With Matthew Stafford connected the bench, the Texans rallied for the last 22 points to marque the people deceivingly competitive. The Rams person won 43 consecutive games (including playoffs) erstwhile starring astatine halftime — the second-longest streak successful NFL history.

PackersAaron Rodgers and the Packers are present 7-1.USA TODAY Sports

4. Tennessee Titans, 6-2 (6)

The AFC South is each but wrapped up aft the Titans’ 34-31 triumph successful Indianapolis to expanse the regular-season series. Kevin Byard committed a 42-yard walk interference punishment that helped the Colts necktie the people precocious successful regulation, but his interception connected the 3rd bid of overtime was redemption.

5. Dallas Cowboys, 6-1 (5)

Cooper Rush archetypal joined the Cowboys connected April 30, 2017. He made his archetypal commencement Sunday successful spot of Dak Prescott and threw for 325 yards, including the perfectly placed game-winning touchdown to bushed the Vikings successful the last minute. Prescott needs to instrumentality adjacent week oregon panic sets successful that his calf wounded is worse than fto on.

6. Buffalo Bills, 5-2 (8)

It took a fractional for the Bills to shingle disconnected the rust of the bye. But the Dolphins couldn’t instrumentality vantage and the crippled was deadlocked successful a 3-3 necktie until the Bills scored 23 points connected their last 4 possessions. The Bills person beaten the Dolphins a series-record 7 consecutive times — and Josh Allen taunted fans connected his touchdown run.

7. New Orleans Saints, 5-2 (11)

The Saints mislaid to the Buccaneers successful the playoffs past twelvemonth with Drew Brees astatine backmost but gained a tiny measurement of revenge Sunday down … Trevor Siemian? Jameis Winston was injured aft Taysom Hill already was ruled out, truthful the third-stringer led 5 scoring drives. P.J. Williams sealed the triumph with a pick-six.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 6-2 (4)

Tom Brady threw 4 touchdowns but committed 3 turnovers. The Buccaneers rallied from 16 points down to instrumentality a short-lived pb but trailed 29-27 erstwhile Brady, who has 50 vocation game-winning drives successful the 4th fourth and overtime, took possession with 1:41 to go. His interception was a uncommon motion of mortality.

bradyTom Brady reacts aft throwing an interception against the Saints.Getty Images

9. Baltimore Ravens, 5-2 (9)

All 4 teams successful the AFC North are astatine slightest .500. It looked similar the Ravens were the people of the part until they were leveled by the Bengals, who turned astir and mislaid to the Jets. That’s the benignant of inexcusable letdown precise seldom suffered by the accordant Ravens, who volition travel disconnected a bye.

10. Las Vegas Raiders, 5-2 (13)

The astonishment leaders of the AFC West are 2-0 since interim caput manager Rich Bisaccia took implicit for the fired Jon Gruden. Learn the sanction Maxx Crosby. The third-year pro and erstwhile fourth-round draught prime is simply a apical campaigner for Defensive Player of the Year aft totaling 7 sacks, 12 backmost hits and 47 pressures successful 7 games.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers, 4-3 (15)

12. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-3 (7)

13. Kansas City Chiefs, 4-4 (14)

14. New England Patriots, 4-4 (19)

15. Los Angeles Chargers, 4-3 (1

16. Indianapolis Colts, 3-5 (16)

17. San Francisco 49ers, 3-4 (18)

18. Cleveland Browns, 4-4 (12)

19. Seattle Seahawks, 3-5 (21)

20. Minnesota Vikings, 3-4 (17)

21. Denver Broncos, 4-4 (22)

22. Chicago Bears, 3-5 (20)

23. Carolina Panthers, 4-4 (27)

24. Atlanta Falcons, 3-4 (24)

25. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-5 (26)

26. New York Jets, 2-5 (30)

With injured rookie Zach Wilson looking on, Mike White utilized his archetypal vocation commencement to go the archetypal Jets’ 400-yard passer since 2000. Suddenly, violative coordinator Mike LaFleur — nether occurrence implicit the archetypal six games — didn’t look truthful overmatched. The Jets person wins implicit the Titans and Bengals — 2 of the AFC’s best.

27. New York Giants, 2-6 (25)

28. Washington Football Team, 2-6 (23)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-6 (28)

30. Miami Dolphins, 1-7 (29)

31. Houston Texans, 1-7 (31)

32. Detroit Lions, 0-8 (32)