NFL shuts down part of Aaron Rodgers’ COVID-19 vaccine explanation

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Among the galore claims an unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers spouted concerning COVID-19 vaccines connected Friday, 1 of the easier ones for the league to debunk should beryllium whether helium met with an NFL doctor, and whether that doc offered him immoderate unspeakable aesculapian information.

The Green Bay Packers backmost said this happened, and the league responded powerfully that it did not.

During his impassioned rant connected the “Pat McAfee Show” connected Friday, Rodgers denied misleading the nationalist astir being unvaccinated and attempted to explicate wherefore helium hasn’t received the changeable and wherefore “cancel culture” and a “woke mob” are to blasted for the backlash helium is experiencing. While doing so, helium stated that a league doc helium met with told him, “it’s intolerable for a vaccinated idiosyncratic to get COVID oregon dispersed COVID.”

Rodgers was attempting to amusement the magnitude of unknowns with the microorganism and vaccines arsenic helium dispersed misinformation that seemingly was dispersed to him. The league, though, says this ne'er happened.

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“No doc from the league oregon the associated NFL-NFLPA infectious illness consultants communicated with the player,” the NFL said successful a connection to Pro Football Talk. “If they had, they surely would person ne'er said thing similar that.”

So, not lone does the NFL accidental a league doc ne'er communicated the incorrect accusation with Rodgers, it says a league doc ne'er communicated with Rodgers astatine all.

Rodgers, who told reporters helium was “immunized,” underwent an unspecified homeopathic attraction and petitioned the league for an exemption, arguing helium had the antibodies. The league denied his request, and his investigating affirmative this week for the coronavirus means helium cannot play successful the Packers crippled against the Chiefs connected Sunday.

According to the NFL, Rodgers was offered a speech with a league doctor, but helium did not scope out.