NFL Week 9 predictions: Bet on Texans, returning Tyrod Taylor

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Home teams successful CAPS

Texans (+5.5) implicit DOLPHINS

Tyrod Taylor’s anticipated instrumentality nether halfway for the underdog Texans appears to beryllium perfectly timed for Houston’s instrumentality to form.

The Dolphins bash not tract an imposing rushing offense, and this looms arsenic an perfect spot for these visitors to correspond themselves respectably.

We’ll look to marque the astir of things, with the proffered caput start.

Tyrod TaylorTyrod TaylorAP

GIANTS (+3) implicit Raiders

The Silver and Black are thing but bulletproof arsenic abbreviated roadworthy favorites successful aboriginal East Coast starts, to beryllium definite — particularly truthful connected the heels of the effects of Henry Ruggs III’s prevailing ineligible issues. What’s more, the Raiders person acceptable down a caller past of accelerated seasonal starts which weren’t sustainable.

COWBOYS (-10) implicit Broncos

The ’Boys didn’t request Dak Prescott to bash their concern erstwhile visiting the underperforming Vikings successful the Great North, past week. Here’s different classical lawsuit of the good, large team, up against a respectable lesser broadside which projects to get caught abbreviated against a returning Prescott.

BENGALS (-2.5) implicit Browns

As the Odell Beckham Jr. soap opera plays itself out connected the shores of Lake Erie, with his merchandise successful view, we’ll lunge for the “it’s their clip now” Bengals, against a Browns clump that has been markedly overrated for months. The chickens person travel location to roost, and it isn’t pretty.

Falcons (+6.5) implicit SAINTS

We expect that this latest renewal of the NFL’s mentation of an SEC rivalry should nutrient a person effect than astir whitethorn beryllium anticipating. The Saints are caller from their rousing home-dome upset of Tom Brady’s Buccaneers, which whitethorn permission them vulnerable. Toss successful the lack of cardinal Falcons WR Calvin Ridley. Trevor Siemian is expected to commencement astatine QB for the Saints.

PANTHERS (+3.5) implicit Patriots

Give the Panthers afloat marks for the imaginable instrumentality of top-drawer RB Christian McCaffrey. What’s more, the superior joker successful the platform present is New England rookie QB Mac Jones’ presumption — his comparative deficiency of large league experience.

Bills (-14.5) implicit JAGUARS

This scheduling concern — with Buffalo scheduled to sojourn the Jets successful North Jersey adjacent clip retired — looms arsenic a classical energy-conversation fortnight for the powerhouse Bills. Jacksonville has yet to amusement immoderate genuine upward momentum. Josh Allen tin found a safe, comfy borderline present without straining muscles. Without tangible wrong information, you’re guessing.

Josh AllenJosh AllenGetty Images

RAVENS (-6) implicit Vikings

Given that each 4 teams successful the AFC North are much than capable, the Ravens person responded to the pressures of mounting the gait successful the pugnacious division. This inter-conference matchup should make much of the same. Minnesota is disconnected an disfigured come-from-ahead location nonaccomplishment to the Cowboys, which did small to brighten Kirk Cousins’ prime-time reputation.

Chargers (-1.5) implicit EAGLES

Another that looms adjacent to a coin-toss astatine the market, successful ample portion due to the fact that this is acold from a favorable carnal matchup concern for the visitors, who are a loooong mode from location — not to notation burdened with a less-than-optimal past successful November against teams they find hard to instrumentality seriously. Buyers, beware.

Packers (+7) implicit CHIEFS

Yet different late-afternoon if-fest, particularly fixed Aaron Rodgers’ abrupt disappearing enactment attributed to COVID-19 issues. Given this benignant of abrupt enactment accommodation with Rodgers out, inclined to expect yet different dose of gross Chiefs underperformance, pending further developments.

49ERS (-1.5) implicit Cardinals

Prevailing markets are broadly hinting that Cards QB Kyler Murray (left ankle) and DeAndre Hopkins (hamstring) fig to beryllium severely limited, astatine best. For the Niners to beryllium straight-up favored astatine this constituent speaks volumes, and conjures up visions of Colt McCoy nether center. We’d surmise omniscient heads are trying to archer america something.

RAMS (-7.5) implicit Titans

Tennessee is coming disconnected a trio of tremendous efforts, and can’t ideate they’re going to laic down yet different astatine this juncture. On the favored side, the Rams are operating astatine arsenic precocious a level arsenic anyone successful the league and should beryllium troublesome to grip successful existent form. Los Angeles keeps up the bully work.


STEELERS (-6.5) implicit Bears

The expansive enigma present is conscionable what Chicago is going to bash for points, successful what is broadly expected to beryllium a deliberately played minuet arsenic some sides look to debar committing thing resembling an avoidable mistake.

Last week: 7-7
Season: 55-57-2