Nicki Minaj Decries Cancel Culture Over COVID Vaccine Comments, Makes China Comparison

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As White House officials responded to Nicki Minaj’s claims connected Twitter that the COVID-19 vaccine led to an adverse wellness problem, the rap prima aboriginal said she is being targeted for asking questions astir the changeable and compared the improvement to the Chinese regime’s censorship.

Minaj, who has 22 cardinal followers connected Twitter alone, wrote connected Monday that her “cousin successful Trinidad” wouldn’t instrumentality the vaccine due to the fact that “his person got it [and] became impotent.” She besides shared a claim from a antheral who said helium developed a humor clot successful his oculus aft getting vaccinated.

On Wednesday, Biden medication COVID-19 advisor Anthony Fauci responded to her assertion and told CNN that “there’s nary grounds that it happens, nor is determination immoderate mechanistic crushed to ideate that it would happen.” He added that Minaj “should beryllium reasoning twice” astir making specified claims online.

For her claims, Minaj, who added that she isn’t vaccinated, said she received important disapproval and suggested she’s present the people of a “cancel culture” mob for her tweets, asserting successful an Instagram video that the improvement is akin to the Chinese Communist Party’s restrictions connected visitors and citizens.

“I retrieve going to China and they were telling america you know, you cannot talk retired against, you know, the radical successful power, there, etc,” Minaj said successful an Instagram Live video. “Don’t y’all spot that we are surviving present successful that clip wherever radical volition crook their backmost connected you … but radical volition isolate you if you simply talk and inquire a question,” she continued.

Before that, the rap prima said the White House invited her to talk with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and Fauci astir the vaccine.

“The White House has invited maine & I deliberation it’s a measurement successful the close direction. Yes, I’m going. I’ll beryllium dressed successful each pinkish similar Legally Blonde truthful they cognize I mean business. I’ll inquire questions connected behalf of the ppl who person been made amusive of for simply being human,” Minaj wrote successful a Twitter post.

But later, successful the Instagram video, Minaj said that erstwhile she made the station astir the White House invitation, an unnamed authoritative called her backmost and appeared aggravated erstwhile she spoke astir it publicly.

Minaj besides said she was barred from utilizing her Twitter relationship connected Wednesday, though the societal media level said her tweets didn’t interruption its presumption and conditions.

A spokesperson for Twitter told BuzzFeed that “Twitter did not instrumentality immoderate enforcement enactment successful the account.”

The Epoch Times has contacted the White House for comment.

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