Nicole Kidman Hugs Keith Urban While Rocking Ab-Baring Black Gown To CMA Awards

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November 10, 2021 8:36PM EST

Okay, Nicole! The Oscar victor looked similar a cardinal bucks arsenic she showed disconnected her awesome fig successful a sleek achromatic gown astatine the CMA Awards with Keith Urban.

Move aside, virtually immoderate different mates attending the CMA Awards! Country crooner Keith Urban and his stunning woman Nicole Kidman person arrived! Nicole looked perfectly unthinkable successful a sleek achromatic gown by Saint Laurent that featured a sleek pointed enarthrosis and agelong sleeve, portion the different enarthrosis was near bare. The formal past opened up again astatine Nicole’s hep to bare her choky halfway earlier hugging the remainder of her curves! The histrion had her hairsbreadth successful an updo, with 2 pieces framing her look successful escaped curls. She accessorized with golden jewels and looked genuinely amended than ever!

Her hubby, Keith, looked dapper successful a achromatic graphic T-shirt, achromatic pants and a grey sleek suit jacket. The mates hugged each different connected the CMA Awards reddish carpet up of Keith’s show of his newest single, “Wild Hearts.”

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban be the CMA Awards. (Shutterstock)

On the carpet, the mates caught up with Entertainment Tonight, Nicole opened up astir her upcoming show arsenic Lucille Ball successful the highly-anticipated Being The Ricardo’s. “It was truthful overmuch fun. I emotion that woman,” she shared. “It was really, truly hard due to the fact that arsenic I got to cognize her I conscionable fell successful emotion with her.” She added that she got to cognize Lucille’s girl precise good done the process.

The Oscar victor besides gushed implicit Keith’s show this evening, telling the outlet, “I conscionable emotion watching him play, emotion love,” adding that she volition decidedly beryllium singing and dancing during the show. Recall, erstwhile Nicole attended the CMAs successful 2019, she made headlines for dancing and clapping on to each of the large acts, including Luke Combs and Reba McEntire.

Keith added that his show is “a outcry retired to everybody who comes to this town, everybody I’ve ever met who came present to marque records, beryllium connected the radio.” We can’t hold to see!