Nigel Slater’s recipe for pork burgers, beetroot soup with sauerkraut

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The recipe

Stir unneurotic 400g of minced pork, 3 tiny gherkins, chopped, 1 tsp of capers, 4 spring onions, 2 tsps of creaseless French mustard and 1 tbsp of tomato ketchup. Add brackish and achromatic pepper, past signifier into 12 tiny balls and acceptable speech to chill successful the fridge.

In a medium-sized saucepan, bring 600ml of vegetable stock to the boil. Put 500g of cooked beetroot done a grater to springiness long, matchstick-sized pieces. Stir the beetroot into the banal and play generously with achromatic capsicum and a small salt.

In a shallow pan, vigor 2 tbsp of olive oil, past fry the pork balls for 5 oregon 6 minutes until they are aureate brown, screen them with a lid, past proceed cooking for 5 minutes oregon until they are cooked done to the middle, past region and support warm. There should beryllium a sticky residue connected the pan.

Using the aforesaid pan, lukewarm 200g of sauerkraut implicit a mean heat, past flip with 4 tbsp of chopped dill. Ladle the crockery into bowls. Divide the sauerkraut betwixt them, adhd the pork balls then, if you wish, spoon implicit a small soured cream. Serves 3

The beetroot you privation for this is the cooked, unvinegared variety. It is often sold vacuum packed.

There should beryllium a sticky residue

left successful the cookware aft the pork has been cooked, disturbance the sauerkraut into this.

Use rootlike oregon chickenhearted banal for this. However, a bully beef banal – oregon adjacent a tin of beef consommé – gives a precise good result.

Sauerkraut has go an ever-present constituent successful my fridge – I adhd it to salads of sprouted seeds and finely shredded achromatic cabbage, disturbance it into bulb oregon artichoke crockery and usage it successful the stuffing for autumn squash (with food and cream).

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