Nigel Slater’s recipes for mussels, and mushrooms with sticky rice

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There are trays of mushrooms successful the shops – craggy-capped shiitake, brownish and achromatic chestnut, oyster mushrooms similar Chinese crockery spoons and chanterelles the colour of ripe apricots. I peculiarly similar the shimeji mushrooms that turn successful clusters, their brushed brownish caps and bladed stems huddled together. I chopped disconnected threads from their spongy basal and abstracted them, tossing them successful melted butter, parsley and citrus foodstuff oregon adding them to sticky atom – the benignant you usage for sushi.

For meal earlier this week we ate sushi atom stirred into a paste of spinach, roasted cashews and reddish curry paste. The seasoning was mild, a brushed red-brown warmth – and the texture arsenic soothing arsenic a spoonful of porridge. We added our mushrooms to this – a substance of oyster, chestnut and shimeji (though we could person utilized any) – fried rapidly with a fistful of parsley.

At the fishmonger’s, I recovered nett bags of mussels – neat, inexpensive and afloat of potential. There are fewer much downright delicious suppers than mussels you person tossed with spaghetti and shredded reddish chillies, but this week I added the shellfish to a turmeric yellowish crockery made with cod cheeks and a fewer prawns. It was raining and the somesthesia had taken a spot of a dive, truthful the look took the spicy way with crushed chilli, mustard effect and garam masala. As the rainfall lashed the room skylights, I stirred successful a small coconut milk.

Mussels with mustard seeds and coconut milk

A stew, but 1 that tin beryllium eaten from a vessel similar a food crockery oregon spooned into a mound of steamed rice. There is simply a small warmth here, from some the caller chillies and the crushed spice, which you tin tweak to your ain taste. Check the mussels cautiously earlier cooking, pulling disconnected immoderate “beards”, discarding immoderate that person cracked shells oregon neglect to instantly adjacent erstwhile tapped firmly connected the sink. Serves 4

onions 2, medium
vegetable lipid a little
cod cheeks oregon haddock fillet 400g, cubed
mussels 500g, cleaned
prawns 250g
mustard seeds 1 tsp
red chillies 2 oregon 3, mean hot
garam masala 1 tsp
ground turmeric 1 tsp
mild crushed chilli 1 tsp
tomatoes 400g
stock 500ml
coconut beverage 100ml

Peel the onions and astir chop them. Heat a tiny magnitude of rootlike lipid successful a heavy casserole implicit a debased to mean heat, past adhd the onions and navigator for astir 20 minutes until airy gold.

Scrupulously region immoderate tegument and bones from the fish, past chopped into ample chunks. Clean the mussels.

Sprinkle the mustard seeds into the onions, past effect and chop the chillies and adhd them, too. Continue cooking, stirring successful the crushed spices until you person a fragrant and warmly scented basal to which to adhd the remainder of the ingredients.

Chop the tomatoes – you tin region the seeds if you privation to, but I don’t deliberation it is important – past disturbance them into the spiced onions, letting them navigator for 5 minutes oregon truthful until brushed and squashy. Pour successful the banal and bring to the boil. Simmer for 5 minutes. Slide successful the prepared cod cheeks oregon haddock and the prawns. Simmer for 6 oregon 7 minutes until the prawns are pinkish and the food is opaque.

While the food cooks enactment the cleaned and checked mussels into a heavy cookware implicit a mean heat, adhd a mates of tbsp of h2o and bring to the boil, covered tightly with a lid. Cook for 2 minutes oregon until the shells person opened. Immediately region from the vigor and propulsion the mussels from their shells. When the food is cooked, adhd the mussels to the stew.

Stir successful the coconut milk, simmer for a infinitesimal oregon two, past cheque the seasoning – it volition request a small brackish – and serve.

Mushrooms, sticky atom and spinach

 mushrooms, sticky atom   and spinach.
‘I peculiarly similar the shimeji mushrooms that turn successful clusters’: mushrooms, sticky atom and spinach. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin/The Observer

Serves 3

sticky (sushi) atom 200g
bay leaves 2
black peppercorns 8
spinach leaves 100g
roasted cashews 75g
Thai reddish curry paste 50g
groundnut lipid 100ml
mixed mushrooms 250g
parsley a bully handful, chopped
dill 10g (a tiny bunch), chopped

Put the sushi atom successful a mean saucepan – I usage 1 that is 22cm successful diameter – determination implicit 400ml of lukewarm water, past acceptable speech for 30 minutes.

Place the cookware implicit a mean heat, adhd fractional a spoon of salt, the bay leaves and full achromatic peppercorns. Bring to the boil, past little the vigor to a simmer and screen with a choky lid. Leave the atom to navigator for 12 minutes, past region from the heat, leaving the lid successful place.

Wash and adust the spinach leaves. Using a nutrient processor, marque a paste of the roasted salted cashews, the spinach leaves, the Thai reddish curry paste and the groundnut oil.

Sort done the mushrooms, separating the larger, tougher ones from those that are much delicate. Slice the thicker varieties. In a wide, shallow-sided pan, lukewarm a small much oil, past adhd the sliced mushrooms. Turn them aft a mates of minutes, removing them to room insubstantial erstwhile they are airy golden successful colour. Add the fragile varieties to the cookware and proceed cooking for a infinitesimal oregon two, until they are golden. Remove the mushrooms and adhd the spice paste to the cookware and, implicit a mean heat, fry for a infinitesimal oregon two, stirring regularly.

Stir the cooked atom into the spice paste and navigator for a fewer minutes until the spinach is brushed and darker greenish successful colour. Add the parsley, dill and mushrooms to the cookware and serve.

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