Nigeria: heavily armed men free inmates during attack on prison

11 months ago 149

Heavily equipped men person stormed a situation successful south-west Nigeria utilizing grenades, the installation said connected Saturday, with unconfirmed media reports saying astir 1,000 inmates had escaped.

“Gunmen that came successful ample numbers” attacked the Abonlogo correctional installation with grenades connected Friday evening, Olanrewaju Anjorin, an medication spokesperson for the situation successful Oyo state, said.

“A batch of inmates were re-arrested aft the attack, and it is inactive ongoing,” helium said, without specifying however galore prisoners had escaped, oregon confirming whether determination had been immoderate casualties.

He said the constabulary would springiness a connection with much details astir the onslaught soon.

Several section media outlets reported that astir 1,000 inmates were released during the attack, but these reports person not yet been verified.

Africa’s astir populous state has struggled with rampant insecurity, with ample swaths of its territory nether the power of transgression groups.

About 240 prisoners escaped connected the 13 September during an onslaught connected different situation successful Kogi state, cardinal Nigeria.

While successful April, more than 1,800 inmates escaped during an onslaught connected yet different situation successful the south-east.