No Evidence Republican Teen Killed in North Dakota Was Extremist: Highway Patrol Captain

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North Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind has dismissed Shannon Brandt’s assertion that the 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson who helium killed was a Republican extremist.

Brandt struck Ellingson with his SUV pursuing a thoroughfare creation successful McHenry, North Dakota, aboriginal Sunday. Ellingson was admitted to a infirmary successful Carrington, wherever helium was pronounced dead. Later that day, investigators arrested Brandt astatine his home, aft which Brandt admitted to having purposely deed the lad pursuing a governmental argument.

In the tribunal document, Brandt said that helium thought Ellingson was portion of a “Republican extremist group” and that helium had called for immoderate radical to spell aft Brandt, according to Fox.

“There is nary grounds to enactment the assertion Brandt made astir Ellingson,” Niewind told the media outlet.

Prior to his death, Ellingson had called his parent and asked whether she knew Brandt, the probable origin affidavit said, CBS News reported. The teen made different telephone a abbreviated portion later, saying “that ‘he’ oregon ‘they’ were chasing him,” according to the affidavit. She could not scope her lad aft the call.

Brandt besides told investigators that helium had been drinking intoxicant earlier hitting Ellingson. A chemic enactment trial showed Brandt’s humor intoxicant contented to beryllium supra 0.08 percent—above the ineligible bounds for driving.

Brandt was taken to the Stutsman County Jail but was released connected Tuesday aft posting a enslaved of $50,000. He is being charged with transgression vehicular homicide and leaving the clang country involving a death. Brandt had initially near the country of the transgression aft hitting Ellingson but aboriginal came back, called 9-1-1, and left.

Biden’s Speech

Ellingson’s decease has triggered further backlash against President Joe Biden, who had precocious painted Republican supporters successful an highly antagonistic light. In a primetime address connected Sept. 1, Biden claimed “MAGA Republicans” are threatening the “very foundations of our republic” and that they held an “extreme ideology.”

“There is nary question that the Republican Party contiguous is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is simply a menace to this country,” the Democrat said successful beforehand of an ominous reddish backdrop and flanked by 2 Marines.

In a Sept. 21 tweet, Karol Markowicz, a columnist astatine Fox News, blasted Biden’s speech, stating that his rhetoric has “consequences” and that labeling those who person differing opinions arsenic extremists leads to acts similar that committed by Brandt against Ellingson.

“The humor of that 18-year-old North Dakota Republican—killed by a antheral who called him an ‘extremist’—is connected Joe Biden’s hands,” vigor amusement big Todd Starnes said successful a tweet.

In a Twitter post, Mia Cathell, a newsman astatine Townhall, said that Brandt has been “scrubbing” his societal media since his release.

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