No School Friday for Seattle, Neighboring School Districts Due to Staff Shortages

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There volition beryllium nary schoolhouse connected Nov. 11 and Nov. 12 for students astatine Seattle Public Schools (SPS) due to the fact that of a unit shortage, the schoolhouse territory said.

The SPS, which serves much than 52,000 students, said Tuesday successful a district-wide message that determination is an unusually ample fig of schoolhouse unit taking permission pursuing Veteran’s Day, and that it’s improbable determination volition beryllium capable radical to support schools open.

“There volition beryllium nary in-person oregon distant acquisition connected these 2 days,” the territory told parents and assemblage members. “We are alert of a larger than mean fig of SPS unit taking permission connected Friday, and bash not judge we person capable unit to unfastened schools.”

District officials said they “recognize the precocious announcement creates challenging circumstances for galore families,” adding that the mislaid learning clip volition beryllium added to the extremity of the 2021-2022 schoolhouse twelvemonth to marque definite each students get the afloat fig of schoolhouse hours.

The territory further elaborated connected the concern successful a connection to KING 5, a section NBC affiliate, saying that much than 600 educators person requested permission for Nov. 12.

“The fig of permission requests connected a Friday aft a national vacation is indicative of the fatigue our unit and students are experiencing successful these months of the instrumentality to classroom,” the connection reads “The four-day play whitethorn connection physical, mental, and affectional restoration.”

“Based connected humanities patterns, it is apt galore further unit would instrumentality permission and not travel successful connected Friday morning,” territory officials added. “With the existent labour shortage of substitutes, and our existent staffing levels, SPS does not person the capableness to guarantee pupil information and high-quality learning.”

The neighboring Bellevue School District, which serves astir 20,000 students, volition besides adjacent connected Nov. 12.

“Some of the originative solutions we person provided successful the past with unit shortages, volition not enactment with the COVID-19 restrictions. For example, combining classes is not an enactment astatine this time,” the territory wrote successful the connection announcing the closure, noting that a constitution time is planned for Jan. 28, 2022.

Kent School District (KSD), serving the southeastern outskirts of Seattle, announced the Nov. 12 closures a time aft Seattle and Bellevue.

“I cognize that each of america successful Team KSD is moving done trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, our staff, astatine each level, has experienced an unprecedented magnitude of stress, impacting their intelligence health,” KSD Interim Superintendent Israel Vela told KING 5. “Unfortunately, we cannot safely run schools with the unit and substitute shortages we are already seeing successful our data.”

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