No Significant Change in COVID-19 Hospitalization Outcomes During Delta Surge: CDC Study

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The highly transmissible Delta variant of COVID-19 does not look to origin much terrible illness among afloat vaccinated oregon unvaccinated hospitalized patients, compared to earlier forms of the virus, according to preliminary information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The CDC study, released connected Oct. 22, analyzed immoderate 7,600 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the illness caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, successful the months of July and August, erstwhile the Delta variant became predominant successful the United States. Researchers recovered that compared to earlier months, determination was nary important alteration successful hospitalized COVID-19 patients’ outcomes.

Specifically, though big hospitalizations surged during the Delta wave, compared to the six months prior, the proportionality of patients with COVID-19 who were admitted to an ICU, received invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV), oregon died during their hospitalization did not importantly alteration during this period, the information suggests.

The probe nevertheless shows that adults aged 18 to 49, galore of whom were unvaccinated, accounted for a larger proportionality of hospitalized patients compared with the pre-Delta period—35.8 percent of hospitalizations compared to 24.7 percent from the erstwhile six months.

Roughly 71 percent of COVID-19–associated hospitalizations during the Delta question were successful unvaccinated adults, the researchers said, adding that the little vaccination sum successful the 18 to 49 demographic apt contributed to the summation successful hospitalized patients during the Delta period. 

The Delta variant of the CCP microorganism grew successful prevalence successful the state from 1.8 percent connected May 1 to implicit 85 percent connected July 10. It is present the ascendant strain astir the globe and has been reported successful astatine slightest 187 retired of 194 World Health Organization subordinate countries, the enactment earlier this month.

“Although this variant is much transmissible, this survey did not find importantly higher proportions of hospitalizations with ICU admission, receipt of IMV, oregon in-hospital decease successful nonpregnant hospitalized adults,” the CDC survey states.

They acknowledged a fig of limitations, including that during spikes successful COVID-19 cases during the Delta wave, the objective thresholds for hospitalization and ICU admittance mightiness person shifted and could truthful person perchance obscured trends successful accrued severity. 

The researchers besides noted that immoderate patients could besides person been hospitalized but not tested for the virus, and the information could perchance alteration including cases from the summertime months who bash not yet person a discharge disposition.

A abstracted preprint survey published connected medRxiv connected Oct. 6 suggests that children besides bash not get immoderate sicker from the Delta variant than they did from earlier strains.

Researchers compared 2 groups of school-age children with COVID-19: 694 infected with the Alpha variant betwixt precocious December 2020 and aboriginal May 2021, and 706 infected with Delta betwixt precocious May and aboriginal July. 

In some groups, precise fewer children needed to beryllium hospitalized and agelong periods of unwellness were uncommon. In some groups, fractional of the children were sick for nary much than 5 days.

“Our information suggest that objective characteristics of COVID-19 owed to the Delta variant successful children are broadly akin to COVID-19 owed to different variants,” the researchers concluded, echoing remarks from CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky successful September that though much children are getting infected with the virus, studies amusement that determination has not been an accrued illness severity successful children.

“More children person COVID-19 due to the fact that determination is much illness successful the community,” Walensky said of the Delta-driven question successful a statement. 

Reuters contributed to this report.

Isabel van Brugen

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