Noah and Olivia are most popular baby names in England and Wales

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Noah has ended Oliver’s eight-year reign arsenic the astir fashionable boy’s sanction successful England and Wales, but Olivia continues to beryllium the astir communal sanction for girls.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) information shows Noah took the boys’ No 1 slot, portion Olivia is apical for girls for a sixth successive year.

Henry replaced Jack successful the boys’ apical 10 – pushing Jack retired of the apical 10 for the archetypal clip since records began successful 1996 – portion Freya, Florence and Willow replaced Isabella, Rosie and Sophia for girls.

Muhammad was the astir fashionable boys’ sanction successful 4 retired of 9 English regions, portion Olivia was the apical girls’ sanction for each English portion and Wales, but for the East Midlands wherever Amelia was the astir fashionable girl’s name.

Lara, Beatrice and Sara are among the entries to the girls’ apical 100 this year, alongside Blake, Brody, Kai, Rupert, Tobias and Nathan for boys – the archetypal clip Rupert and Brody person been successful the apical 100.

But ONS analysts said portion Noah and Olivia basked successful their popularity, different names were successful information of extinction.

Fewer than 7 boys person been called Leslie since 2018, portion lone 10 oregon less boys person been called Clifford, Nigel and Norman successful the aforesaid period. Previously communal girls names specified arsenic Kerry and Glenda person besides fallen retired of fashion, with less than 5 girls fixed the names each twelvemonth since 2018.

Star Wars, Pixar movies, the TV amusement Sex Education and the musicians George Ezra are among the cultural influences credited with boosting the popularity of little communal names.

The ONS said the fig of newborn boys named Kylo roseate much than fivefold to 54 successful 2016 aft The Force Awakens deed cinema screens, introducing audiences to the villain Kylo Ren. Following past year’s Pixar movie Luca, the fig of boys named Luca jumped from 1,323 successful 2020 to 1,807 successful 2021, making it the 28th-most fashionable sanction for boys that year.

“Popular civilization continues to power parents’ babe sanction choices from deed TV shows to philharmonic icons,” said James Tucker, the caput of wellness and beingness events investigation astatine the ONS.

David Bowie continues his momental interaction connected British civilization beyond the grave. While 12 boys were fixed the musician’s sanction successful 2015, aft his decease successful 2016 the numbers changeable up to 35 and person grown each twelvemonth since, with 78 boys successful England and Wales fixed the sanction successful 2021, portion 136 were called Ziggy. The names grew successful popularity for girls too, with 28 girls called Bowie and 14 called Ziggy past year.

Data shows property affects sanction choice, with mothers implicit 35 much apt to take accepted names specified arsenic Thomas, portion younger mothers plump for Tommy. Among girls’ names, Delilah is the ninth astir fashionable sanction for mothers nether 25, but lone the 50th astir fashionable girls sanction overall.