Noel King Joins Vox’s Today, Explained as Co-Host and Editorial Director

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Vox VPs Allison Rockey and Liz Kelly Nelson contiguous announced that broadcast writer Noel King is joining Today, Explained, the network’s flagship regular quality podcast, arsenic co-host and editorial director. In summation to hosting the amusement that tackles home policy, the Fyre Festival of vaccine rollouts, falling successful emotion with a bot, and everything successful between, with Vox’s singular attack to explanatory journalism (and an archetypal opus from clip to time), King volition assistance acceptable its absorption connected a caller section of growth, processing peculiar series, reporting ambitious stories, and more. King volition spouse with Today, Explained co-host and Vox Audio originative manager Sean Rameswaram; the 2 volition stock hosting duties, allowing each to proceed pursuing longer-term projects and increasing Today, Explained’s quality to scope audiences crossed platforms. King starts astatine Vox connected January 3, 2022, and volition statesman appearing connected the podcast aboriginal adjacent year.

Vox Media besides announced a concern with WNYC Studios to administer Today, Explained to nationalist vigor stations nationwide opening successful 2022. This concern marks the archetypal large terrestrial vigor organisation concern for Vox Media, pursuing an hour-long peculiar variation of the Vox podcast Unexplainable distributed by American Public Media this fall.

King joins Vox from NPR, wherever she was a co-host of Morning Edition and Up First. A restless journalist, she reported from astir the US adjacent portion occupying the big chair. She was portion of a squad of NPR journalists who won an Edward R. Murrow Award, and were finalists for the duPont-Columbia Award, for reporting connected the Trump administration’s “Remain successful Mexico” policy. King’s reporting from Minneapolis aft George Floyd’s execution won a Gracie Award for champion diagnostic interview. King besides conducted unrecorded sum of nationalist elections, an inauguration, and an impeachment oregon two.

In 2020, the Radio Hall of Fame honored her with its “One to Watch” award.

Before King joined Morning Edition, her vocation spanned a scope of roles successful radio, including stints arsenic a analogous astatine Planet Money, a shaper astatine The Takeaway, and a newsman astatine Marketplace. She began her vocation arsenic an autarkic shaper abroad. Over 5 years, she covered the Arab Spring and conflicts successful Darfur, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo for Voice of America and PRI’s The World.

“I person been listening to Today, Explained since the amusement archetypal launched, and I’ve ever admired its intelligence sharpness, sonic creativity, and adust consciousness of humor. I’m thrilled to beryllium joining the talented journalists who marque the show. Sean’s ambitions, and those of this team, are intelligibly boundless, and I can’t hold to adhd my ain to the mix,” said King.

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“I conjecture this makes maine the queen of Today, Explained?” said Sean Rameswaram. “In each seriousness, I americium thrilled to invited Noel King to the amusement arsenic a co-host and an editorial lead. I’m already utilized to listening to her each time connected the radio. Now I get to larn from her, marque large worldly with her, and imagination up adjacent much ambitious projects with her and the remainder of the phenomenal squad astatine Today, Explained.”

WNYC Studios, which volition statesman distributing Today, Explained in 2022, presently manages vigor organisation of fashionable programs including Radiolab, Freakonomics, On Being, On the Media, and Science Friday. Further, WNYC Studios volition collaborate with the Vox Media Podcast Network to place further shows successful its portfolio to bring to a nationalist vigor audience.

“We’re excited to spouse with Vox to bring Today, Explained to nationalist vigor stations crossed the United States,” said Armando Gutierrez, Chief Financial Officer astatine New York Public Radio. “Its intelligent and irreverent regular fractional hr look astatine the quality and personalities driving our satellite is captious astatine this moment.”

Today, Explained has ever been astir bringing discourse and knowing to the quality and our world. A large portion of that has been a content that elevating voices of section journalists and taxable substance experts wherever the stories are unfolding is key. Now we look guardant to moving with our partners astatine WNYC to bring our amusement to communities and listeners crossed the country,” said Liz Kelly Nelson.

Today, Explained launched successful 2018 with Rameswaram arsenic host, and has released astir 1,000 episodes. It was named Best News Podcast successful the Podcast Academy’s inaugural Ambie Awards and the 2021 Webby Awards. The podcast has launched peculiar series, including Today, Explained to Kids, Infrastructure Week, and The Future of Work. It has besides helped incubate caller shows from Vox Audio, including Unexplainable, a subject podcast astir everything we don’t know.

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