North American Missionaries Going on Second Week as Hostages in Lawless Haitia

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Thursday marked 13 days that 1 Canadian and 16 U.S. national missionaries person been held by Haitian kidnappers for $17 million. The kidnappers endanger to termination the hostages unless they get $1 cardinal per person.

The hostages are successful Haiti to bash enactment for the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries and were abducted connected Oct. 16, portion connected a travel to sojourn an orphanage supported by the organization.

The radical includes six men and six women ranging successful property from 18 to 48, and 5 children ages 8 months, 3 years, 6 years, 13 years, and 15 years.

Before the kidnapping, their enactment passim Haiti included supporting thousands of needy schoolhouse children, distributing Bibles and Christian literature, supplying medicines for galore clinics, teaching Haitian pastors, and providing nutrient for the aged and vulnerable.

In caller months, they were actively progressive successful coordinating a rebuilding task for those who mislaid their homes successful the August 2021 earthquake, according to Christian Aid Ministries, which regularly updates the concern connected its website.

The website besides has predominant supplication requests for the hostages to person endurance and to amusement Christlike love; for authorities leaders moving to merchandise the hostages; and specifically for the kidnappers, that they would acquisition the emotion of Jesus.

These families are from Amish, Mennonite, and different Anabaptist communities successful Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Ontario, Canada.

Christian Aid Ministries invited believers from astir the satellite to articulation them Wednesday successful a time of supplication and fasting, and to beryllium mindful that their workers are not the lone victims.

Epoch Times Photo People thrust a motorcycle past a constabulary car pursuing a telephone for a wide onslaught launched by respective nonrecreational associations and companies to denounce insecurity successful Port-au-Prince connected Oct. 18, 2021. (Richard Pierrin/AFP via Getty Images)

The blog said Haiti had 600 kidnappings from January to September 2021, compared with 231 implicit the aforesaid play past year. It encouraged everyone to commune for others who are being held hostage, and those recovering from the acquisition of being kidnapped.

“Occasionally we are asked wherefore our workers were successful Haiti. Why question to unsafe places? Why not fto these countries instrumentality attraction of their ain issues?” the blog says their religion calls them to get involved.

“We unrecorded successful a precise breached world. A satellite of breached relationships, breached trust, and breached governmental systems. It is simply a satellite of loneliness, fear, and violence. And Jesus came, not conscionable truthful men could spell to eden erstwhile they die, but besides to amusement the benignant of a satellite God intends close present connected earth. God desires a satellite wherever the bare are fed, abandoned orphans are cared for, and wherever lonely refugees are provided for. Jesus came to redeem this breached satellite and has called His religion to enactment with Him.”

They enactment that arsenic missionaries, they tin usually instrumentality to a comfy manner successful the United States, but galore successful Haiti cannot find comfort.

“In their existent lawless situation, wherever anarchy reigns, Haitians unrecorded nether changeless fear. They person nary mode to escape. For many, each travel to the marketplace is overshadowed by the continual menace of violence. As we proceed to commune earnestly for our American staff, we besides promote fervent supplication for the Haitian people.”

Christian Aid Ministries has been coordinating a rebuilding task  successful  areas devastated by the August 2021 earthquake. Christian Aid Ministries has coordinated a rebuilding task successful areas devastated by the August 2021 earthquake. (Courtesy: Christian Aid Ministries)

Millions of Haitians are facing large difficulties owed to ongoing governmental problems that person intensified successful caller days, Christian Aid Ministries said successful a Wednesday property release.

“Haiti is successful a authorities of anarchy with nary progressive government. Gangs are successful complaint of galore areas and controlling the substance and goods astatine the seaports,” the merchandise said.

“In galore areas, substance is not disposable and wherever it is inactive disposable it costs an exorbitant amount. Most radical are staying adjacent to location due to the fact that question is excessively dangerous. Fear abounds everywhere. Pray that God could bring bid and stableness successful the midst of this fearfulness and chaos.”

The U.S. State Department gives Haiti its highest question advisory warning, “Do not travel,” saying kidnapping is wide and victims regularly see U.S. citizens. Kidnappers whitethorn usage blase readying and kidnapping cases often impact ransom negotiations and U.S. national victims person been physically harmed during kidnappings.

Violent crime, specified arsenic equipped robbery and carjacking, is common.

Travelers are sometimes followed and violently attacked and robbed soon aft leaving the Port-au-Prince planetary airport. Protests, demonstrations, tyre burning, and roadblocks are frequent, unpredictable, and tin crook violent.

Haiti Political Crisis. Haiti is successful a authorities of chaos and mounting lawlessness. (Courtesy: Christian Aid Ministries)

The U.S. authorities is highly constricted successful its quality to supply exigency services to U.S. citizens successful Haiti and section constabulary mostly deficiency the resources to respond efficaciously to superior transgression incidents, according to the State Department.

In a property briefing precocious past week, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the section has sent further unit and resources to enactment efforts to get these U.S. citizens to safety.

“Our embassy squad is successful predominant interaction with Haitian authorities astatine the highest levels. That includes those successful the Haitian government, the Haitian National Police,” Price said.

“We’re successful interaction with Christian Aid Ministries, the Canadian government, arsenic good arsenic the household members of the victims, and we’ll proceed to enactment with them. We’ll proceed to enactment with our interagency partners connected what is precise overmuch an ongoing substance and an ongoing investigation,” helium said.

“When it does travel to these matters generally, it is champion that we not item the steps we’re taking. Our focus, our sole absorption close present is connected bringing these individuals to safety.”

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