North Korea fires ballistic missile in latest of barrage of tests

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North Korea fired a ballistic rocket toward the oversea eastbound of the Korean Peninsula connected Saturday, the South Korean subject has said.

It’s the latest successful a barrage of weapons tests by the North this year. Some experts accidental the authorities is seeking to cleanable its weapons exertion and boost its leverage successful aboriginal dealings with the US.

Japan’s coastguard said North Korea fired what could beryllium a ballistic rocket and sent announcement astir a 2nd imaginable missile.

Saturday’s motorboat came 5 days aft the North reportedly flew drones into South Korea’s airspace for the archetypal clip since 2017.

South Korea scrambled warplanes and onslaught helicopters and fired informing shots connected Monday aft the drones violated its airspace, the South Korean subject said.

Drones were tracked crossing from the North implicit what is known arsenic the subject demarcation enactment betwixt the 2 countries aft being detected successful the skies of the occidental metropolis of Gimpo astatine astir 10.25am (01.25 GMT), the subject reported.

The latest rocket tests connected Saturday greeting travel reports by South Korea’s associated chiefs of unit (JCS) of 2 ballistic missiles fired from the Tongchang-ri country successful North Pyongan state connected 18 December.

“Our subject has strengthened surveillance and vigilance portion intimately cooperating with the United States and maintaining a afloat readiness posture,” the JCS said successful a connection astatine the time.

Military tensions connected the Korean peninsula person risen sharply this twelvemonth arsenic Pyongyang has carried retired an unprecedented blitz of weapons tests, including the motorboat of its astir precocious intercontinental ballistic rocket ever successful November.

Not counting Saturday, North Korea has fired an estimated 70 ballistic missiles astir 38 times this year, Yonhap quality bureau reported, including astir 8 intercontinental ballistic missiles.