Northern California Sticker Company Moves to Utah

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Joining the California exodus is simply a beloved sticker institution from Petaluma, Calif. The president of the institution says helium doesn’t similar the state’s policies, precocious taxes, and societal issues, truthful they are moving to Utah.

Since 1979, Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company has been producing stickers and originative products for the young and aged worldwide.

Andrea Grossman’s son, Jason Grossman, is present moving the company. He told NTD Television the past 2 years person been challenging with pandemic lockdowns, causing them to suffer 30 percent successful sales.

“I’m not blessed with the mode the authorities is going close now. I’m bushed of the taxation, I’m bushed of each the crises we have, roads being 1 of the large ones I have,” Grossman said. “I spell each implicit the country. Our roads are conscionable pathetic. It’s embarrassing. And I don’t spot however they’re ever going to hole it. Every roadworthy you spell on, it’s got potholes.”

The state’s policies and precocious taxes besides contributed to his determination to move.

“I’m conscionable throwing wealth astatine it, [they’re] taxing maine much and I conscionable don’t consciousness I’m getting immoderate bang for my buck. I consciousness I’m conscionable the piggy slope to them,” helium said.

On Jan. 10, Governor Gavin Newsom proposed to person cosmopolitan wellness attraction for all, including amerciable immigrants. It volition trust connected a gross receipts tax, a payroll tax, and a idiosyncratic income taxation connected those earning supra $149,509 to money the single-payer wellness attraction system.

“I wage $1,000 a period for wellness care. Why does idiosyncratic who ne'er contributed to this state oregon the state, travel successful to get escaped wellness care? I deliberation that’s ridiculous,” Grossman said.

Epoch Times Photo An assortment of stickers is connected show astatine Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company. (courtesy of Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company)

Now, the Bay Area-based institution is moving from Petaluma to Kanab, Utah, a tiny municipality northbound of the Arizona authorities line. Grossman says helium has a summertime location there.

But he’s not readying for retirement.

“I’m really doing the nonstop opposite. I’m going to support the institution going. I bought a warehouse down determination for, honestly, astir 75 percent cheaper than present and I’m going to bash the stickers successful determination but I’m besides going to unfastened a depository featuring Americana, Western history, and I person a ample musculus car collection. So we’re going to bash thing we bask to do,” Grossman said.

His 89-year-old parent inactive lives successful California, truthful helium volition instrumentality to sojourn regularly. He’s readying to walk the institution to his stepson.

The institution is getting packed up into trucks to determination to Utah, wherever they expect to commencement unloading connected Jan. 19. Until things settee down, the California store volition stay successful cognition for a fewer much months.

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