Notorious TikTok toilet licker claims she found her father on sugar daddy site

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As if this lick-tokker’s representation wasn’t already successful the toilet.

A TikTok influencer who licked a toilet arsenic a pandemic “challenge” has gone viral yet again aft claiming she recovered her ain begetter connected a sweetener daddy website. Ava Louise posted a video detailing her purported cringe-worthy find presently which boasts astir a cardinal views connected the platform.

“When I recovered my begetter connected the sweetener daddy dating website I was using,” wrote Louise, 22, successful the statement of the clip, which shows her reacting to the uncomfortable bombshell.

In the footage’s caption, the blonde Tokfluencer and part-time sweetener babe described however she “messaged him hullo dad,” whereupon “he blocked maine and we ne'er spoke of it.”

When a commenter inquired wherefore she reached retired to him connected a sweetener daddy societal web alternatively of her phone, Louise replied, “He doesn’t reply my texts. I thought helium mightiness reply maine there.”

The societal media prima didn’t divulge whether her beloved dada confirmed oregon denied being a fairy godfather. However, erstwhile she told her ma astir the exchange, helium reportedly “bought her a Cartier bracelet.”

Louise reportedly started her sweetener babe “side hustle” portion majoring successful nationalist relations successful college, Vice reported. The gramps groupie describes however she was archetypal inspired to follow the manner aft noticing her friends connected a tract called “,” present simply called

Unlike the pay-for-play services arrangements sought by astir “old diggers,” Louise stressed that her relationships were non-sexual successful nature.

“There’s each antithetic kinds, ways of being a sweetener baby.” the fame junkie had told Vice astatine the time. “For me, I made it precise wide connected my illustration what I’m looking for. That’s wholly platonic.”

She elaborated, “I marque definite I amusement up wearing thing expensive, similar ace nice, and I’ll beryllium down and speech to them. I empower them and marque them consciousness similar they tin connection maine truthful much.”

Louise is simply a sweetener  babyLouise said she is simply a part-time sweetener baby.

“So it’s fulfilling them successful a antithetic mode than sexually,” insisted the self-proclaimed “skinny legend,” who often uploads saucy swimsuit pics for her 362,000 Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, seeking retired older men is acold from the astir sordid happening the influencer is known for. In 2020, Louise went viral aft filming herself allegedly licking an airplane toilet spot arsenic portion of a “coronavirus challenge.”

“Please [retweet] this truthful radical tin cognize however to decently beryllium sanitary connected the airplane,” the potty rima captioned the now-deleted 6-second clip.

Louise’s unsanitary stunt earned her fierce backlash connected societal media, including from the likes of Meghan McCain and Dr. Phil.

Unfortunately, it appears she isn’t precisely apologetic astir her soiled deed. During a subsequent quality connected Dr. Phil’s show, the lick-tokker said she was tempted to cough connected the TV therapist arsenic payback for his comments.

Ava Louise became notorious connected  TikTok aft  filming herself licking a toilet spot   arsenic  portion  of an alleged coronavirus challenge.Ava Louise became notorious connected TikTok aft filming herself licking a toilet spot arsenic portion of an alleged “coronavirus challenge.”