NSW becomes second state to ban Nazi flag and symbols

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Intentionally waving a Nazi emblem successful New South Wales oregon displaying memorabilia bearing swastikas could present onshore a idiosyncratic successful jailhouse for up to a year, on with a good of implicit $100,000.

The Crimes Amendment (prohibition connected show of Nazi symbols) Bill 2022 swiftly and unanimously passed the NSW precocious location connected Thursday.

The legislation was drafted successful April, aft an enquiry recommended a prohibition connected the nationalist show of Nazi symbols successful a bid to tackle rising antisemitism.

NSW becomes the 2nd authorities successful Australia to walk the landmark authorities aft Victoria successful June.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Darren Bark described the passing of the instrumentality arsenic a historical time for NSW.

“Nazi symbols are a gateway to unit and are utilized arsenic a recruitment instrumentality by extremists,” helium said.

“Banning their show is simply a long-overdue and overmuch needed instrumentality successful our state. The perpetrators volition yet beryllium held to account.”

Bark said the authorities would beryllium “a game-changer successful tackling online hate” and called connected tech companies to ramp up efforts to region imagery and symbols associated with Nazism.

A conception successful the NSW measure allows for the swastika awesome to beryllium utilized successful academic, humanities oregon acquisition settings, thereby paving the mode for its show by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for whom it holds spiritual significance.

“For excessively long, the Hindu assemblage has not felt comfy to show our awesome of bid due to the fact that it resembled a awesome of evil,” Hindu Council of Australia nationalist vice-president Surinder Jain said. “This is nary longer.”

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Labor’s Walt Secord, a subordinate of the parliamentary committee examining the prohibition of Nazi symbols and an ardent advocator for the bill, said 31 incidents of displaying the Nazi emblem were reported to the constabulary successful 2020.

Many members from the authorities and absorption successful the precocious location recounted idiosyncratic stories of their families’ lived experiences enduring the Holocaust portion others warned of the dangers of rising neo-Nazi trends.

Speaking successful parliament connected Thursday, Secord referred to a NSW antheral arrested by counter-terrorism constabulary successful September who was recovered to beryllium successful possession of a Nazi emblem and a representation of the authorities connected his chamber partition with plans to marque a 3D-printed gun.

In 2020, the Australian Security Intelligence Agency said that far-right convulsive extremism, with its accent connected neo-Nazi ideology, makes up astir 40% of its counter-terrorism caseload.