Nuro, 7-Eleven Launch California Autonomous Delivery Service With Safety Drivers

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SAN FRANCISCO—Self-driving tech startup Nuro said connected Wednesday it was rolling retired California’s archetypal commercialized autonomous delivery work successful concern with 7-Eleven, a convenience store operator.

Nuro and rivals specified arsenic Waymo are launching oregon readying to motorboat autonomous transportation services with regulatory support successful the United States, though the services are constricted oregon not successful the signifier of driverless vehicles.

The work volition commencement with Toyota Priuses converted into autonomous vehicles and see a information operator to show the technology, Nuro said.

“The Priuses are the archetypal measurement successful Nuro’s multi-phase attack to introducing commercialized autonomous transportation to prime work areas,” Nuro said successful a statement, adding that the institution and 7-Eleven volition marque the associated determination to present Nuro’s R2 driverless vehicles “as soon arsenic possible.”

The work volition beryllium disposable to customers successful Mountain View wherever Nuro is headquartered. It is already delivering Domino’s Pizza products successful Houston, Texas, utilizing its Prius and R2 vehicles, Nuro said.

7-Eleven is simply a portion of Japan’s Seven & I Holdings Co.

Nuro was the archetypal autonomous conveyance startup to get a licence to usage automated vehicles for concern from the California Department of Motor Vehicles past twelvemonth successful December. Two different companies, Cruise and Waymo, received their permits successful September.

Nuro said earlier this period that it raised $600 cardinal and brought connected Alphabet Inc’s Google arsenic an investor.

Alphabet’s self-driving portion Waymo volition present groceries ordered from 1 of the Safeway stores successful San Francisco, utilizing its automated vehicles, Tekedra Mawakana, co-CEO of Waymo, told a Forbes lawsuit connected Tuesday.

Waymo said the work volition commencement successful aboriginal 2022 and volition beryllium disposable to prime Waymo and Safeway employees earlier being introduced to much customers.

Waymo, which plans to usage Jaguar I-PACES automated vehicles with information drivers, said this marks the archetypal autonomous market transportation acquisition successful San Francisco.

By Jane Lanhee Lee, Hyunjoo Jin and Paresh Dave