NYC Ballet Prima Ballerina Tiler Peck Shares Her Barre Workout That Lengthens & Strengthens

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New York City Ballet main dancer Tiler Peck shared her go-to barre workout that you tin simply bash astatine home!

When stages closed successful March 2020, Tiler Peck near NYC for an extended enactment with her parents astatine her puerility location successful California. During the past twelvemonth and a half, the New York City Ballet main dancer took to her Instagram to get her assemblage progressive successful her regular training, doing her champion to enactment successful signifier until she could instrumentality the signifier erstwhile again. The #TurnItOutWithTiler bid became a monolithic deed and welcomed guests similar Amanda Kloots and Jennifer Garner to articulation successful connected the amusive with Tiler. The Ballet Now prima brought her creation workout bid to the HollywoodLife Instagram, conscionable arsenic she was preparing to instrumentality to the theater, with her performance of Lines astatine the LA Music Center.

“It feels unthinkable to beryllium back connected signifier performing. The archetypal clip I stepped onto the signifier surrounded by colleagues, a question of emotion came implicit me. I realized conscionable however overmuch I missed that quality transportation and dancing adjacent to them,” Tiler told HL of getting backmost to work. “I was fortunate capable to creation passim the pandemic, but thing beats dancing connected my location signifier astatine New York City Ballet with friends.”

Tiler Peck successful  rehearsalsTiler Peck successful rehearsals. (Shutterstock)

Ahead of her July 18th show successful beforehand of a LIVE audience, the nonrecreational shared a lengthening and strengthening barre workout for you to bash astatine home, conscionable similar she does!


A plié is simply a elemental bending and straightening connected the knees. We are going to commencement with 2 demi pliés and 1 expansive plié, which is simply a plié that is simply a small bigger and goes little to the ground. We volition bash that successful 4 directions: first, second, fourth, and 5th positions.


A tendu is fundamentally the pointing of your feet and toes with an arched instep with the toes touching the floor. So we are going to bash 1 tendu front, past we are going to flex the foot, constituent it again and past bring it backmost into archetypal position. We volition bash that successful 4 directions: front, side, back, and broadside and we volition repetition this full workout doubly done successful each 4 directions.

Dégagé (or debased jete)

A dégagé is fundamentally a tendu but present the limb is somewhat disconnected of the level alternatively of wherever a the toes interaction the level successful a tendu. We are going to bash 2 dégagé to the beforehand an past 1 plié stretch. Just similar with the tendus, we are going to bash this successful each 4 directions, front, side, back, and side.

Rond de jambe

A rond de jambe is simply a question successful which the limb moves successful a consecutive enactment distant from the body, making a semi ellipse connected the floor. We are going to tendu beforehand and past hint a ellipse carrying the limb side, to the back, and past backmost done archetypal presumption to repetition your adjacent circle. We volition bash 4 ronds de jambe and past aft the 4th 1 we volition adjacent backmost successful 5th presumption truthful we tin past reverse the exercise. Reversing the exercising means 4 ronds de jambe starting backmost past carrying the limb broadside and the yet ending successful front.


Développé is the dilatory lifting and extending of the leg. In bid to développé you volition request to walk done 3 positions—coupé (by the ankle), passé (by the knee), cognition (halfway from genu to extension) — successful bid to get to afloat hold with the limb wholly straight. For this exercise, we volition simply bash 1 développé successful each direction. Développé front, développé side, développé backmost into what we telephone arabesque, and ending with a last développé to the side.

Grand battements

Grand battements is simply a almighty battement enactment successful which you walk done dégagé and “throw” the moving limb arsenic precocious arsenic possible, with some legs held consecutive and rotated outward. We volition extremity this barre, with 2 expansive battements successful each of the 4 directions we person learned today. Two to the front, 2 to the side, 2 to the back, and 2 to the side.

“TIOWT is specified an effectual workout due to the fact that thing tin fortify and physique thin muscles like a ballet barre. There isn’t a fittingness workout that 1 tin bash to people the aforesaid muscles that ballet does,” Tiler said of her at-home series. “Ballet is the cleanable mode to physique and lengthen astatine the aforesaid time, and with TIOWT you tin bash it astatine home, successful the comfortableness of your home, truthful you don’t person the unit of performing for anyone- you tin bash it for yourself!”

NYCB main dancer Tiler Peck looking regal successful purple. (Shutterstock)

She continued, “When practiced consistently, ballet gives your musculus representation a definite fluidity and easiness of question that really gives you a alteration successful gait and posture that inspires positivity, poise and self-assurance.”

As Tiler prepares to instrumentality the signifier for her archetypal LIVE successful idiosyncratic show astatine The Music Center, she is besides moving connected her 2nd children’s publication successful the Katarina Ballerina bid and a manner collaboration! You tin ticker the past show of her tally in Lines astatine The Music Center connected July 18th, arsenic it volition beryllium streamed for escaped connected the website here.