NYC’s safest neighborhood is this off-the-radar slice of Queens

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Complaints astir postulation and garbage are truthful 1999 compared to the threats facing New Yorkers these days. Right now, floods, fires, poxes and vermin look to beryllium successful vogue — and for galore denizens of the Greatest City successful the World, it feels similar lone a substance of clip until the adjacent fill-in-the-blank catastrophe strikes.

Safety is present an contented that weighs heavy connected the minds of buyers and renters erstwhile it comes clip to move, existent property experts told The Post.

“Home has ne'er been much important, and we’re seeing information ranking arsenic 1 of the apical factors successful rent renewals,” said Lily Liu, CEO astatine Piñata, a rental rank and rewards platform.

But not each vicinity faces the aforesaid threats. So, successful a quest to place the safest ’hood successful each of NYC, The Post compiled and compared vicinity information connected everything from flood zones, transgression rates, proximity to hospitals, 911 effect times, evacuation routes, mean somesthesia and greenish spaces and adjacent rats per capita.

While tons of neighborhoods stood out, 1 unexpected country took the cake. That vicinity is — drumroll — Fresh Meadows.

That tiny portion of Queens, sandwiched betwixt the Long Island Expressway, Union Turnpike, Cunningham Park and 164th Street, beats retired each different portion of the metropolis successful presumption of information and prime of beingness our information shows.

A subordinate   of the FDNY directs radical   stranded astatine  a subway entranceway  during flash flooding caused by tempest  Ida successful  the New York City borough of Queens, NY.New York had the 2nd wettest summertime connected record, causing flooding and billions successful damage. Now, location hunters are looking for a adust roost.Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

For instance, portion NYC wide witnessed its second-wettest summertime connected grounds with 24.25 inches of rainfall — causing monolithic flooding that did billions successful harm and turned subway stations into rat aquariums — Fresh Meadows stayed (relatively) dry.

That’s due to the fact that the vicinity lies extracurricular of the large flood zones, according to metropolis data. Sitting astatine 72 feet supra oversea level, it isn’t the highest elevation successful the metropolis (that favoritism is reserved for Washington Heights, which sits astatine 265 feet supra oversea level), but it’s treble the average. (Battery Park, meanwhile, technically sits beneath oversea level).

The flood hazard caused by planetary warming is besides expanding slower successful Fresh Meadows than the nationalist average. Nevertheless, flash flooding during Hurricane Ida impacted the neighborhood, peculiarly George J. Ryan Junior High School. However, the tempest did little demolition successful Fresh Meadows than it did successful neighboring Woodside, Hollis Hills and Flushing.

Fresh Meadows is besides connected apical of crime.

Street signs astatine  Fresh Meadow Lane and 68th Avenue successful  Fresh Meadows, Queens.A bully sign: So acold Fresh Meadows has reported zero murders successful 2021.Stefano Giovannini

New York is presently conscionable 1 sidesplitting distant from beating retired 2020’s grounds execution rate, but Fresh Meadows reports zero murders for 2021 (compared to six connected the Upper East Side and 19 successful Cypress Hills, Brooklyn), according to the city’s transgression map.

When it comes to different crimes, Fresh Meadows comes successful supra the people arsenic well. The vicinity saw 141 burglaries successful 2021, arsenic compared with 308 successful Midtown Manhattan, and saw less rapes, expansive larcenies and felony assaults than astir different neighborhoods successful the city, with a full of 728 reported crimes successful 2021 oregon 4.8 crimes per 1,000 residents, compared with 7.4 crimes per 1,000 radical successful Long Island City, oregon 15.4 crimes per 1,000 residents successful posh Brooklyn Heights.

“Fresh Meadows has historically been a precise sought-after vicinity due to the fact that it has tons of greenish abstraction and debased crime.”

Ali Rashid, broker and proprietor of Kingsland Properties

It is besides successful the apical 3 fastest 911 effect times astatine conscionable 1.9 minutes. (The fastest is the 100th precinct successful the Rockaways astatine 1.6 minutes and the mean is 3.8 minutes; Wakefield successful The Bronx is the worst astatine 8.3 minutes).

Fresh Meadows adjacent knows however to play it cool.

This summer, the metropolis deed 90 degrees oregon higher connected 17 days — higher than the 15 time average. But the somesthesia is noticeably little successful northeast country of “the world’s boro,” acknowledgment to much greenish abstraction per capita than astir different metropolis nabes.

Originally named Vlissingen, which means “salt meadow valley,” by Dutch sailors successful the 1620s, a bulk of the homes successful Fresh Meadows beryllium connected larger tons than astir homes successful Queens, oregon the remainder of the metropolis for that matter.

That’s due to the fact that erstwhile 19th-century farmland gave mode to an municipality neighborhood, developers took greater attraction to respect and sphere much of the area’s greenish spaces — adjacent leaving suburban benignant lawns connected galore homes — according to Ali Rashid, broker and proprietor of Kingsland Properties successful Fresh Meadows.

Outdoor changeable  of Cunningham Park successful  Fresh Meadows, Queens. Fresh Meadows abuts 2 of Queens’ biggest and champion nationalist parks: Cunningham (above) and Alley Pond.Stefano Giovannini

Today the vicinity boasts 2 parks: the 358-acre Cunningham Park and the monolithic 655.3 acre Alley Pond parkland — the 2nd largest successful each of Queens. Even the main thoroughfare, Fresh Meadow Lane, is lined with trees.

That chilled-out ambiance besides comes successful useful successful times of emergency.

Fresh Meadows’ closest infirmary is Queens Medical Center successful adjacent Flushing, and the vicinity is nestled betwixt 2 large highways, the Long Island Expressway and Grand Central Parkway, which marque getting determination fast.

Theoretically, those highways are besides indispensable evacuation routes if the worst was ever to befall the Big Apple.

But champion of all, the vicinity has the lowest fig of rat complaints per quadrate mile astatine three.

Side by broadside  of a antheral   playing bocce shot  and rats eating trash. Fresh Meadows has the lowest fig of rat complaints successful the city, meaning locals tin bask outdoor games successful the parkland (left) sans the vermin.Stefano Giovannini; Getty Images/iStockphoto

Compare that with astir 400 complaints connected the Upper East Side, according to Renthop. If the flooding ever does travel to Fresh Meadows, beryllium remainder assured that determination volition beryllium noticeably less rodents swimming successful the slurry.

None of this is quality to Fresh Meadows’ residents and section realtors, who person been singing the area’s praises for decades.

“Fresh Meadows has historically been a precise sought-after vicinity due to the fact that it has tons of greenish abstraction and debased crime,” said Rashid, who added that the bang for your subordinate successful Fresh Meadows isn’t excessively shabby either.

The mean income terms of a location successful Fresh Meadows is $915,000, according to RedFin, with 77 connected the marketplace close now. That whitethorn dependable precocious — aft all, the citywide mean is conscionable nether $800,000 — but successful Fresh Meadows, the bulk of the lodging banal is composed of generous single-family houses.

For families it’s an casual call: Get a multi-bedroom dispersed here, oregon a $1.15 cardinal (on average) shoebox successful Manhattan.

Meanwhile, the mean rental goes for $1,752 for a one-bedroom, according to, importantly beneath the mean for the metropolis and much than fractional the terms of an mean flat successful Manhattan.

Exterior of Fresh Meadow's astir   costly  home. At $2.2 million, 69-32 166th St. is Fresh Meadows’ priciest listing.Best Group Realty, Inc.

For those looking to marque the upgrade, Rashid is listing 1 of Fresh Meadows’ apical listings: a six-bedroom, five-bathroom dispersed asking $2.2 cardinal astatine 69-32 166th St.
“The hottest properties usually don’t past agelong successful this market, arsenic Fresh Meadows is simply a precise charismatic neighborhood,” said Rashid.

Of course, different parts of the metropolis gave Fresh Meadows a tally for its money. The Upper East Side, the Upper West Side (away from the rivers), Inwood, Central Brooklyn, Pelham Bay successful The Bronx and adjacent office-dense Midtown each person their perks.

While immoderate had bully marks for elevation (Inwood!) and proximity to hospitals (UES!), each suffered from higher instances of crime, slower exigency effect times and, yes, a batch much rats — not to notation a deficiency of affordability.

Of course, the biggest determinant erstwhile it comes to a neighborhood’s likelihood of surviving climategeddon is thing you won’t find successful immoderate of the technological information astir flood zones oregon evacuation routes.

“Sadly, I’d accidental the existent criteria for a neighborhood’s resiliency mightiness beryllium simply its wealth,” said Gernot Wagner, a clime economist and prof of biology studies astatine New York University. “That should not beryllium the criterion [but] alas, sadly, it is simply a definite motion of galore of the characteristics that marque a vicinity much resilient than surrounding areas.”

In different words, if you can’t spend a backstage pitchy to your bunker successful New Zealand, Fresh Meadows mightiness conscionable beryllium worthy checking out.