Odell Beckham released by Browns: What’s next for controversial receiver

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After weeks of uncertainty defined by commercialized rumors and a rapidly evaporating relation successful the offense, Odell Beckham Jr.’s clip with the Cleveland Browns is over.

The Browns released the wide receiver connected Friday morning, meaning the seasoned wide receiver volition present caput to waivers.

“After cautious consideration, interior discussions and conversations with Odell and his representation, we’ve determined that it is successful the champion involvement of each parties progressive that Odell nary longer play for the Cleveland Browns,” Browns GM Andrew Berry said successful a statement.

“We admit each his efforts and contributions portion successful Cleveland, but we’ve conscionable reached a constituent wherever it is champion that we determination guardant arsenic a squad without Odell. We are finalizing the process of granting Odell his merchandise and we privation him good arsenic helium continues his career.”

Beckham had been excused from 2 consecutive practices aft the squad was incapable to determination him earlier Tuesday’s NFL commercialized deadline.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported that Beckham’s representatives texted the Browns connected Sunday asking for a trade, but each that resulted was a “very abbreviated discussion” betwixt Cleveland and the New Orleans Saints.

Odell Beckham was released by the Browns connected  Nov. 5, 2021.Odell Beckham was released by the Browns connected Nov. 5, 2021.Getty Images

Beckham logged conscionable 1 target, and 1 catch, for six yards successful Cleveland’s Oct. 31 nonaccomplishment to the Pittsburgh Steelers, giving him conscionable 17 catches connected 34 targets done the six games he’s played in. He missed the last 9 games of past year, and the archetypal 2 of the 2021 season, with an ACL tear. The erstwhile Giants receiver dealt with a nagging enarthrosis wounded aft returning, too.

This past week, Beckham’s begetter posted connected societal media to showcase the times Beckham wasn’t thrown the shot portion unfastened and enactment the blasted connected backmost Baker Mayfield. According to CBS’ Josina Anderson, Beckham and the Browns person discussed converting the $8 cardinal that remains connected his declaration into basal wage — which would reportedly marque it easier for different squad to assertion him. Beckham volition not wide waivers until 4 p.m. connected Monday.

The Saints reportedly discussed a commercialized for Beckham earlier the deadline, and precocious mislaid receiver Michael Thomas for the play due to the fact that of complications related to his offseason ankle injury. They, on with the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders, are expected to beryllium among the teams funny successful signing Beckham present that he’s connected waivers.