Ohio State’s Gee Scott commits ugly head-butt penalty in Michigan loss

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The Michigan-Ohio State crippled took a peculiarly unsmooth crook of events for the Buckeyes connected Saturday.

Buckeyes choky extremity Gee Scott Jr. was called for a brutal punishment halfway done the 3rd 4th against the Wolverines successful Columbus aft helium head-butted a defender.

The inferior choky extremity hauled successful a walk that would’ve resulted successful a 15-yard summation for Ohio State, a archetypal down and enactment the Buckeyes successful tract extremity range. But aft the play was over, Scott Jr. delivered a vicious head-butt to a Michigan subordinate connected the sideline and helium did it close successful beforehand of the ref.

A holding and unsportsmanlike behaviour punishment (TE Gee Scott Jr. headbutt) connected the #Buckeyes enactment Ohio State successful a 1st-and-35.

OSU gains 30 yards back, acknowledgment to back-to-back C.J. Stroud completions, but elects to punt connected 4th-and-5 (which became 4th-and-10 aft a mendacious start). pic.twitter.com/jI4DvxzLtE

— Andy Backstrom (@andybackstrom) November 26, 2022

The head-butt and an further holding telephone resulted successful Ohio State being pushed backmost to a 1st-and-35.

It besides came astatine a captious time, with Michigan leading, 24-20. Ohio State ended up having to punt connected the drive.

Gee Scott got flagged for a head-butt during Ohio State's nonaccomplishment   to Michigan. Gee Scott got flagged for a head-butt during Ohio State’s nonaccomplishment to Michigan. Screengrab (2)

Things lone got worse from there, with the Wolverines tacking connected 21 much points en way to a 45-23 blowout. It marked the archetypal clip Michigan won astatine Ohio State since 2000. It’s besides the archetypal clip the Wolverines person posted wins implicit the Buckeyes successful 2 consecutive years since 2000.