‘On My Block’s Jessica Marie Garcia: Why Jasmine & Ruby Are Endgame — ‘They Fit Perfectly’

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‘On My Block’s Jessica Marie Garcia spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL astir wherefore Ruby and Jasmine should extremity up together, the saccharine prom infinitesimal that got cut, and the show’s interaction connected her life.

Jasmine Flores is an icon. There’s nary uncertainty astir that. Jessica Marie Garcia brought her A-game erstwhile again arsenic the beloved quality successful On My Block’s 4th and last season, which is disposable connected Netflix now.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jessica astir wherefore she thinks Ruby and Jasmine are endgame. However, she hopes that they spell done a “break” earlier coming backmost to 1 another. She besides revealed her absorption to Ruby’s adorable prom-posal and a enactment that got chopped from the last episode. Plus, she reflected connected the bequest of the show. Read our Q&A below:

Jessica Maria GarciaJessica Maria Garcia arsenic Jasmine. (Netflix)

Ruby and Jasmine went done rather the roller coaster successful the last season, but by the end, they were backmost together. Do you deliberation they’re endgame?
Jessica Marie Garcia: I anticipation so. I deliberation that they’re astir apt the lone 2 successful the satellite that volition recognize each different and beryllium capable to grip each other. But I deliberation that it would beryllium large if determination was similar immoderate benignant of interruption betwixt them to research different radical due to the fact that I bash precise overmuch deliberation that they’ve been determination 1 and lone successful their lives, and I would emotion for them to get a small spot much acquisition and truly admit who each different were for 1 another. But I bash deliberation they’re endgame, absolutely. I tin representation their wedding. I tin representation their children. I deliberation that they are specified a sweet, comic mates that is astir apt similar a messiness astatine the aforesaid time, but I deliberation they acceptable perfectly together.

Jasmine got into Berkeley, but she had to enactment successful Freeridge and instrumentality attraction of her dad. Where bash you deliberation she ended up?
Jessica Marie Garcia: I deliberation she went to assemblage assemblage due to the fact that I consciousness similar it was excessively precocious successful the schoolhouse twelvemonth to truly spell for immoderate different schools. So I representation her going to a assemblage assemblage due to the fact that I consciousness similar she tin excel anyplace she goes, and I truly consciousness similar she recovered that successful herself. But the realism of her having to enactment with her begetter conscionable deed maine truthful adjacent to location due to the fact that I was taking attraction of my grandma with dementia for a bully portion of my puerility and coming retired to California, truthful I understood the sacrifices that you person to marque for your family. That truly deed maine but besides I conscionable americium truthful arrogant of her. She had to turn up truly quickly, and the happening that I emotion astir her and I conscionable deliberation our community, successful general, is that we don’t wantonness our family. We don’t conscionable enactment them successful a location and say, “Peace out, dad. I’m going to spell unrecorded my life.” She takes it upon herself to beryllium like, okay, I emotion my dad, and I’m the champion idiosyncratic to instrumentality attraction of my dad. So hopefully she’s capable to find immoderate benignant of caregiver that tin travel to the house, truthful she’s inactive capable to spell for her dreams. That’s what I’m hoping for with her, but it was tough. It was truly pugnacious during those scenes due to the fact that it felt similar specified a question mark. Like, wherever does she spell from here?

Where bash you deliberation she ended up career-wise?
Jessica Marie Garcia: It’s comic due to the fact that I ever deliberation of her arsenic the Latino Wendy Williams. I tin spot her having her ain amusement oregon being an investigative reporter, thing that’s not police-related. As overmuch arsenic we were doing each of that exploring, I privation to instrumentality her retired of that. I deliberation she could bash truthful much. She has specified a great, infectious property that I’m conscionable hoping that she finds you cognize what it is that she wants to bash and truly goes for it.

The last play featured 2 heartbreaking deaths: Oscar and Abuelita. Which decease deed you the hardest?
Jessica Marie Garcia: I felt Oscar coming. I deliberation a batch of our assemblage did, too. It didn’t halt it from being incredibly painful, particularly due to the fact that it happened truthful quickly. Abuelita kills me. I was looking astatine the writers and I was like, “Really? We had to bash this? This was necessary? Let’s conscionable termination everyone off? What are we doing?” She’s the bosom of our show, particularly the narration with Jamal and Abuelita. That is conscionable relationship goals. That was truly heart-wrenching. I hated that portion of it. Again, with the realism, I get it. But it’s conscionable that 1 deed maine the astir probably.

Jessica Maria GarciaJessica Maria Garcia successful the last occurrence of ‘On My Block.’ (Netflix)

Ruby’s archetypal prom-posal was everything. And past Jasmine said no. What was it similar filming that hilarious (and besides heartbreaking scene)? 
Jessica Marie Garcia: First of all, I ne'er got to spot the video until the amusement came out, truthful the full clip I’m conscionable looking astatine a achromatic surface conscionable reacting to them conscionable saying the words of what he’s saying. I ne'er got to spot anything. Getting to spot it enactment unneurotic with each the pictures I was like, “Oh my god.” It broke my heart. I was truly huffy that she said no. I get it. She was conscionable not successful the intelligence spot to truly beryllium a bully day for him, truthful I understood wherefore she said nary but successful beforehand of the class? The Jessica successful maine was like, “What?” But I understood wherefore they went that way, and I felt similar she needed to gain a small spot of Ruby’s affection aft she bulldozered him for immoderate of the season.

Was determination a peculiar country of Jasmine’s that conscionable truly touched you? I deliberation the infinitesimal erstwhile Ruby’s crowned prom king, and helium asks Jasmine to creation with her… I felt that successful my soul.
Jessica Marie Garcia: I felt similar Pretty successful Pink, Sixteen Candles vibes. That was Jasmine’s moment. It’s comic due to the fact that we went done a fewer antithetic dresses of what I was going to wear. I wanted that pinkish formal from the get, and they were like, “Just know, it’s truly heavy. You’re going to person to beryllium successful this for similar 4 days and deterioration it for similar 12 to 14 hours.” I’m like, “It’s this dress. It’s this dress.” We had abbreviated ones and I was similar “No, it needs to beryllium a moment.” It’s comic due to the fact that there’s a enactment that got chopped retired that I loved, and it’s erstwhile helium gets crowned. He looks astatine the existent victor and goes to her and was like, “You whitethorn beryllium the school’s beauteous princess, but you’re not mine.” And past helium says, “Jasmine, volition you creation with me” And I was like, “Why did you chopped that out?” I loved it truthful much. I was rooting for Jasmine truthful overmuch successful that moment, particularly each the fans of Jasmine who consciousness similar that was their precocious schoolhouse experience. I was really, truly hoping that everyone saw themselves successful that.

I’ve ever felt similar On My Block was underrated. I deliberation that this amusement has done truthful overmuch erstwhile it comes to the practice of Black and Brown communities connected TV. What has that been similar for you to beryllium a portion of this and to physique thing that resonates with truthful galore people? 
Jessica Marie Garcia: I mean, it’s changed my life. The amusement has single-handedly changed my beingness forever. And I beryllium it truthful much. I’m conscionable truthful grateful to person been a portion of a amusement that radical similar successful general. It’s a rarity to get 1 play connected the air. To beryllium capable to person 4 erstwhile we wouldn’t person adjacent had a 2nd play if it wasn’t for the instrumentality absorption successful the archetypal place. It was conscionable each connection of mouth. We didn’t person a ton of selling our archetypal season, truthful it knocks maine retired the information that radical waited until midnight to ticker the full season. They’ve cried with us, and they’ve laughed with us, particularly being a portion of a amusement that I would person killed to person watched arsenic a kid. I’ve been blessed to beryllium successful this concern for a while, and for truthful galore of the shows I’ve been connected I’ve been the champion person to a achromatic lead. The quality to person a amusement that’s conscionable each radical of color, for our stories to matter, and for the assemblage to besides admit that and spot themselves successful america is priceless. We’re conscionable eternally grateful. It’s besides hard to fathom that I’m a portion of it. I didn’t adjacent recognize our reach. I conscionable went to Amsterdam and my household joked, “Oh, you’ll astir apt not get stopped excessively overmuch here. You’ll person a break.” That did not happen. So galore radical stopped maine connected the streets of Amsterdam, and I was conscionable taken aback. I was like, wait, this is international. I don’t adjacent admit the scope that we person and what our amusement has. We’re specified a small amusement that we’ve benignant of been successful our ain small land for the past 4 years, truthful the information that it’s truthful overmuch bigger than america is bizarre.