‘Once-in-a-lifetime companion’: Pebbles, world’s oldest dog, dies aged 22

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Pebbles, the world’s oldest dog, has died.

The 22-year aged Toy Fox Terrier from South Carolina died connected Monday of earthy causes, the dog’s owners said, via Instagram.

“She was a erstwhile successful a beingness companion and it was our grant to to person had the blessing to person had her arsenic a favored and a household member,” the connection said.

Pebbles died 5 months shy of her 23rd birthday, the household said.

Pebbles’ Guinness World Records certificate.
Pebbles’ Guinness World Records certificate. Photograph: Guinness World Records

Pebbles was crowned the world’s oldest canine by Guinness World Records successful May, aft owners Bobby and Julie Gregory realized their favored was older than the erstwhile authoritative oldest dog, a 21-year-old chihuahua named TobyKeith.

“Bobby was sitting connected the sofa and friends and household started texting and calling astir a communicative they saw astir a 21-year-old canine getting the record,” Julie Gregory told Guinness World Records then.

“When I saw TobyKeith’s communicative each implicit the news, I applied” for the record.

Pebbles was calved connected 28 March 2000 and adopted by the Gregorys that aforesaid year. The mates were searching for a large-breed canine but, Julie Gregory said, “she was jumping and barking truthful overmuch astatine Bobby that helium had nary prime but to prime her up and cheque her out. It was instant emotion the 2nd the 2 met.”

Pebbles enjoyed listening to state music, the Gregorys said, favoring Conway Twitty and Dwight Yoakam. Pebbles besides enjoyed trying caller foods and being pampered, the household said.

With her partner, Rocky, who died successful 2016, she gave commencement to 32 puppies.

For her past birthday, the household gave Pebbles a bubble bath and sheet of ribs.

“There was ne'er anyone who met Pebbles that didn’t emotion her. She volition beryllium dearly missed,” the household said.