‘One Of Us Is Lying’s Annalisa Cochrane Reveals If She Knows Who Killed [Spoiler] In Finale Twist

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‘One Of Us Is Lying’ dropped its biggest twist of each successful the finale. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Annalisa Cochrane astir that jaw-dropping death, that last scene, what it means for a imaginable play 2, and more.

One Of Us Is Lying conscionable took things to the adjacent level. The play finale of the Peacock YA bid went successful a very different direction than the book. Jake, who was liable for Simon’s death, ended up dormant aft a combat successful the woods with Addy, Janae, and Cooper. When the Bayview Four and Janae returned to school, they each went their abstracted ways. But they each looked astatine each different erstwhile they got the aforesaid Simon Says text: “Do arsenic I archer you. Or everyone volition cognize what you did.”

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Annalisa Cochrane astir the show’s game-changing twist. She revealed that the archetypal publication revealed who pulled the trigger connected Jake, but that has since been changed. The histrion besides discussed Addy’s freeing haircut moment, Addy’s toxic narration with Jake, and her hopes for play 2.

Annalisa CochraneAnnalisa Cochrane arsenic Addy Prentiss. (Peacock)

Going into this you astir apt knew however it ended oregon erstwhile you archetypal started this journey, right? 
Annalisa Cochrane: Kind of. Honestly, it was erstwhile we were successful quarantine successful New Zealand that we were speechmaking the scripts and recovered out. Even then, what we primitively work changed arsenic the play went connected truthful determination was a batch of talking backmost and distant betwixt the writers and Karen [McManus], who was precise involved, astir what they wanted to represent successful that last country and spot what happens.

In the book, there’s an aggravated and visceral last confrontation betwixt Addy and Jake. The amusement does person a confrontation, but Jake ends up dead. What was your absorption to the twist?
Annalisa Cochrane: I emotion that it’s somewhat antithetic than the book. I emotion that determination is specified an aggravated ending to it. Jake is specified a horrible, horrible person, and I deliberation to proceed a quality similar that successful play 2 made a bully ending truthful that there’s conscionable this full different enigma going connected with the Bayview Four. I was a small disheartened due to the fact that I wanted Addy to person that last infinitesimal with Jake. I truly loved the mode the publication had that combat adjacent with Janae and Jake, but past I deliberation that they brought it each unneurotic successful the end. I think, sound connected wood, if we get to play 2, there’s immoderate breathtaking worldly that Addy is going to get to explore.

Did they archer you who pulled the trigger? 
Annalisa Cochrane: The archetypal publication had idiosyncratic pulling the trigger, and past they changed it. And it mightiness alteration from there.

How bash you consciousness astir who did it? 
Annalisa Cochrane: I can’t archer you anything. But I deliberation it’s brilliant. Wherever they go, I deliberation it’s brilliant.

What happened to his body? Do you guys cognize that?
Annalisa Cochrane: We besides person theories. It’s truthful comic due to the fact that we were connected acceptable and discussing it. It’s specified a melodramatic ending successful the champion way. We were each talking to the writers and showrunner Dario [Madrona] and we’re like, “Just archer america the details.” We were trying to transportation our ain theories to him for what we deliberation volition hap successful play 2. I don’t cognize if they’ll instrumentality immoderate of it, but I volition accidental it’s successful precise susceptible hands. Erica [Saleh], our creator, is fantastic.

Addy and Jake’s narration was highly toxic. He was abusive to her. In the finale, Addy evidently freaked retired aft helium was shot. What is going done her caput successful that moment? She did person feelings for him, but they were wrapped up successful toxicity.
Annalisa Cochrane: There’s similar that frozen infinitesimal that she has. It’s implicit daze and then, arsenic you said, she made the prime to spell backmost to him. Even erstwhile she saw thing that was truthful incriminating, she made the prime to broadside with him. I deliberation it speaks to a batch of women successful wide wherever we truthful often volition spell backmost to the happening that we cognize is incorrect for america due to the fact that we clasp truthful overmuch emotion and truthful overmuch attraction for that idiosyncratic oregon that thing. That’s the aforesaid with Addy. She can’t conscionable unreal those 4 years didn’t happen. This man, possibly arsenic toxic oregon controlling arsenic helium was, loved her successful his ain way. He gave her a satellite and possibly a future, and I deliberation she’d afloat imagined what their kids were going to look like. I deliberation she’d afloat imagined what benignant of house, the specifics of their beingness together. I think, adjacent knowing everything that helium could person done and did, there’s implicit daze and past conscionable this grief. I wanted to successful that country conscionable fto spell successful hysterics. For Addy, I deliberation she feels she’s wholly unsocial and lost, and past you spot her crook backmost to Janae. I deliberation there’s a realization. Janae comforts her and there’s a realization that she’s not alone. I deliberation she thought losing Jake the archetypal clip was the extremity of her satellite and losing Jake the 2nd time, arsenic hard arsenic it is, she knows it’s not the extremity of the world.

There has to beryllium a guilt facet connected her end, too.
Annalisa Cochrane: I deliberation besides starring up to it, her perpetually reasoning similar possibly what did I bash wrong? Like, obviously, she cheated connected him. But adjacent aboriginal connected uncovering retired much and more, she’s like, possibly what could I person done to halt him earlier? He’s ever made her consciousness bad. He’s ever enactment guilt connected her, and truthful possibly it’s her feeling I’m the crushed for each of this.

Annalisa CochraneAnnalisa Cochrane and Barrett Carnahan arsenic Addy and Jake. (Peacock)

The Halloween enactment is erstwhile it each fell apart. When bash you deliberation was the infinitesimal that Addy realized that her friends were telling the truth? Where bash you deliberation that power was?
Annalisa Cochrane: When Janae reminds her astir pancakes due to the fact that they held that infinitesimal successful the diner successful occurrence 4. They’re talking astir pancakes and Addy says she doesn’t truly similar pancakes, and past she orders them due to the fact that she’s truthful stressed out. She realized that Jake would power everything astir her, truthful she has nary thought who she is without him. She has nary thought successful the beginning, truthful I deliberation it’s that small reminder from Janae and from idiosyncratic who really loves her and shows her what emotion is. Addy not having to enactment connected thing but Addy herself is loved by Janae and loves Janae. I deliberation that reminder that this antheral is not who helium is connected the surface, I deliberation it’s successful that moment. I anticipation you tin spot it, the small oculus flicker, but there’s this small thing. I deliberation that’s the infinitesimal she’s like, oh… and past badass of her to inactive beryllium capable to clasp it unneurotic and speech to him and play the room.

In the last moments of the finale, it appears the Bayview Four and Janae are nary longer friends. Do you deliberation they’re not friends? Do you deliberation they made a pact to enactment apart? 
Annalisa Cochrane: I don’t cognize what I’m truly allowed to say, but I personally deliberation there’s a small spot to support immoderate happened successful the woods that night. I deliberation determination is simply a small spot of a pact that everyone volition conscionable spell backmost to their different lives, their lives before. But, of course, that last country erstwhile they get those texts, you cognize that Bronwyn is making immoderate benignant of plan. You cognize she’s texting her people.

They besides get that Simon Says substance message, and this idiosyncratic knows what they did. Who bash you deliberation it is? Who was the archetypal idiosyncratic that popped into your caput erstwhile you work that successful the script?
Annalisa Cochrane: I genuinely don’t know. I thought that it could beryllium Maeve, but past I’m besides similar these writers are truthful smart. The mode they made it astir excessively obvious. Maeve walks distant and past the substance notification pops up. I’m like, they’re going to reddish herring us. We’re going to deliberation it’s 1 person, and it’s not going to beryllium them. So I don’t know, possibly a quality that wasn’t successful the last fewer volition marque immoderate reappearances.

I deliberation it could beryllium TJ. I consciousness similar there’s a batch that was near unsaid with him. He could person followed them.
I deliberation that we conscionable haven’t explored TJ oregon Evan. I deliberation Evan tin marque a small comeback. Even Vanessa. We lone cognize these characters connected a precise aboveground level. There is truthful overmuch much conscionable with the Bayview Four. Humans are truthful overmuch much complex, truthful I wholly could spot immoderate of those 3 being it too. TJ is simply a bully one, though, due to the fact that you spot that there’s an aggravated broadside to him.

When it comes to TJ and Addy… they slept unneurotic and things snowballed from there. What bash you deliberation of the dynamic betwixt Addy and Jake? I consciousness similar she doesn’t cognize what emotion is extracurricular of Jake.
Annalisa Cochrane: TJ references it successful 1 scene, but TJ and Addy person ever had that champion relationship that you tin person with someone. You possibly don’t adjacent cognize them that well, but you consciousness truthful comfy with them. Addy getting to spit h2o retired of her chemoreceptor successful beforehand of him and laughing truthful hard, that’s thing that she would ne'er beryllium capable to bash successful beforehand of Jake. I deliberation that TJ allows her to beryllium her astir free, funny, weird self. Jake wants her to beryllium cleanable and acceptable successful the container of the cleanable life, the cleanable girlfriend. Addy is not that, and she already has that from her mom. She doesn’t request that from a boyfriend. I deliberation that her small interactions with TJ, and I privation determination could beryllium more, but I deliberation that they truly let her to archetypal spot who she could be. She likes who she is successful his company. I deliberation he’s the archetypal 1 who benignant of lets her research who she is past with the Bayview Four.

One of Addy’s biggest moments is erstwhile she cuts her hair. It’s specified a freeing infinitesimal for her. What was it similar filming that country and seeing that value travel disconnected her shoulders similar that?
Annalisa Cochrane: It was specified a almighty country to film. Honestly, the mode they did it, it felt similar I was cutting my ain hair. Just the value of playing Addy before, the insecurities and the anxiousness and the drug-taking to beryllium capable to past the day, determination was thing astir each of that sitting connected my shoulders the time that we filmed wherever it was conscionable like, you chopped it disconnected and you’re free. And past being capable to locomotion into the school, and they were playing the opus “Brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo connected the loudspeaker. It was everything. It’s specified a bully infinitesimal arsenic an histrion due to the fact that it’s truthful obvious. You spot the change. There were a batch of conversations. I was consenting to chopped my hair, but past it was hard with continuity. I think, arsenic a woman, we’re truthful tied a batch of times to our hair, and seeing her bash it, I’m like, bash I bash it?

Annalisa CochraneAddy astatine Simon’s funeral. (Peacock)

That was a archetypal measurement successful genuinely ending her narration with Jake. I deliberation that narration is truthful important to showcase, particularly successful a precocious schoolhouse setting, due to the fact that  I consciousness similar truthful galore young girls don’t presumption those relationships arsenic toxic oregon adjacent abusive, adjacent though they are. What was it similar exploring that analyzable narration with Barrett? 
Annalisa Cochrane: It’s truthful important. I mean, convey goodness, the word gaslighting has go communal due to the fact that we arsenic women get gaslit each the time. I’m truthful grateful I got the accidental to enactment with Barrett because, arsenic a man, he’s truthful unfastened to having conversations and talking astir things possibly wherever helium adjacent has shortcomings oregon doesn’t spot thing successful a definite mode due to the fact that helium comes from specified a antheral perspective. We bash a country and aft the day’s done you benignant of conscionable commencement talking astir that stuff. As women, we’re often giving recognition to everybody else, and men sometimes volition instrumentality that and tally with their the ideas that possibly you gave and not springiness due credit, oregon they’ll belittle you successful these relationships, particularly the younger you are, you don’t admit it and you conscionable privation to beryllium loved. It was really, truly large to beryllium capable to speech it retired and sermon and spot wherever radical travel from and perspectives. It’s truthful sad. It’s truthful prevalent successful relationships.

The ending near things wide unfastened for play 2. What other would you similar to spot explored with Addy?
Annalisa Cochrane: I conscionable privation to research Addy’s relationship and relationships with everybody much than anything. I deliberation getting to spot who she is, who she is becoming extracurricular of everything, it’s thing that’s not truly touched on. But for sharp-sighted fans, they’ll announcement that Addy has a small drafting quality to her. In her room, we enactment up each these small sketches and that’s thing that’s astir apt not encouraged with Jake, but she afloat has her ain creation dreams. I privation to research who she is without anybody other arsenic well. She has her friends but without a spouse oregon relationship. But past besides getting to spot however she deals with imaginable TJ, imaginable Janae, whoever, whatever. Also, let’s speech astir focusing much connected her pistillate friendships. Let’s spot her and Bronwyn spell bash much things.