One of world’s biggest pension funds to stop investing in fossil fuels

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One of the world’s largest pension funds, ABP, is selling its €15bn-worth of holdings successful fossil substance companies, including Royal Dutch Shell, claiming it had been incapable to transportation the assemblage to modulation rapidly capable towards decarbonisation.

Corien Wortmann-Kool, the seat of ABP, the Dutch pension money for civilian servants and teachers, said it would nary longer put successful producers of oil, state and coal, and that it would dispense with its existent investments successful those sectors by the archetypal 4th of 2023.

The money said it did not expect the determination to person a antagonistic interaction connected semipermanent returns for its pension customers. It volition put alternatively successful energy companies, the car manufacture and aviation but Wortmann-Kool claimed the money would beryllium successful a amended presumption to propulsion those companies towards being “more sustainable”.

He said: “We privation to lend to minimising planetary warming to 1.5C. Large groups of pension participants and employers bespeak however important this is to them.

“The ABP committee sees the request and urgency for a alteration of course. We portion with our investments successful fossil substance producers due to the fact that we spot insufficient accidental for america arsenic a shareholder to propulsion for the necessary, important acceleration of the vigor modulation astatine these companies.”

At Shell’s AGM successful May, ABP voted successful favour of the company’s ain clime strategy, nether which its emissions would summation implicit the adjacent decade.

Mark van Baal from Follow This, a run radical that uses activistic concern to unit lipid companies into decarbonising successful enactment with the limits acceptable by the 2015 Paris clime agreement, said: “Today, Shell loses 1 of their champion friends. We anticipation this is simply a wake-up telephone for the committee of Shell.

“We anticipation much captious investors volition regenerate ABP arsenic shareholders successful Big Oil. This is simply a triumph for the fossil-free question and a triumph for the combat against the clime crisis. It shows however a radical of citizens tin marque an impact.”

ABF has holdings successful astir 80 companies successful the fossil substance sector, accounting for astir 3% of its €528bn full assets. In September, the clime enactment radical Fossil Free launched a suit against the money seeking a ruling connected whether ABP needed to divest from fossil fuels successful bid to align its concern argumentation with its committedness to adhere to the Paris clime agreement.

That followed a ruling successful May from a tribunal successful The Hague, which ordered Royal Dutch Shell to chopped its planetary c emissions by 45% by the extremity of 2030 compared with 2019 levels, successful a landmark lawsuit brought by Friends of the Earth.

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The Anglo-Dutch institution was told it had a work of attraction and that the level of emanation reductions of Shell and its suppliers and buyers should beryllium brought into enactment with the Paris clime agreement.

McKenzie Ursch, a ineligible advisor for Follow This, said helium believed the tribunal rulings could person been a important origin successful ABF’s decision.

He said: “This foreshadows a caller question of litigation against large GHG [greenhouse gas] emitters, and indicates that lipid majors and ample investors person an idiosyncratic work to combat clime change.”