Online fraudsters adapt tactics to exploit UK cost of living crisis

2 months ago 16

Fraudsters person adapted their tactics to exploit the rising outgo of living, officials person said.

A study from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said anti-fraud squads had identified caller trends arsenic phishing attacks – erstwhile perpetrators effort to instrumentality users into clicking a atrocious nexus – person started to people those successful hard fiscal situations.

The types of messages being sent by email and substance see the committedness of vigor and assembly taxation rebates oregon encouraging radical to use for a “cost of surviving payment”, mimicking genuine authorities enactment packages.

In the 2 weeks to 5 August, much than 1,500 reports were made to the suspicious emails reporting work (SERS), tally by the National Cyber Security Centre, astir scam emails pretending to beryllium morganatic vigor rebates from Ofgem, the vigor regulator.

The emails usage the Ofgem logo and colours and person the taxable header “Claim your measure rebate now”.

DCI Hayley King, City of London police, said: “It is shameful that successful a clip of fiscal hardship, transgression are targeting members of the nationalist by claiming they are entitled to receiving rebates and refunds. If an email is genuine, the institution volition ne'er propulsion you into handing implicit your details.”

Cifas, a UK fraud prevention service, said determination was a “real interest owed to the emergence successful surviving costs, criminals volition look to people indebtedness products and deferred recognition services”.

Common campaigns they person encountered see fraudsters posing arsenic inferior providers offering deals connected vigor bills oregon competitions to triumph substance vouchers.

Around fractional of each adults study receiving a “phishing” message, the ONS said.

In the latest year, 4.8% of each fraud was perceived to beryllium coronavirus-related, rising to 6.3% of each cyber fraud.

In 1 campaign, victims received substance messages seemingly from the NHS claiming they had been successful adjacent interaction with idiosyncratic who had the Omicron variant.

The connection provided a nexus to a website claiming to beryllium hosted by the NHS wherever they could publication a test, prompting them to supply idiosyncratic accusation and wage a transportation fee.