Orange County Celebrates Veterans Day

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Throughout Orange County, antithetic communities celebrated Veterans Day successful their ain ways to grant the county’s 100,000 veterans.

Huntington Beach

The City of Huntington Beach held its yearly Veterans Day Car Show, supporting the Paralyzed Veterans of America’s California section by showcasing dozens of classic, custom, and subject cars.

People enjoyed nutrient and euphony on the Huntington Beach Pier.

Pat Tobin, a veteran astatine the car amusement who served from 1967–1969, told The Epoch Times that helium showed up to enactment disabled veterans.

“In today’s climate, astir radical hide what the sacrifices were implicit these years, including World War I, World War II, [Korean War], and Vietnam [War], [which] was controversial. But still, a batch of lives were lost. It’s honoring the tradition, honoring the Constitution and the radical who served with risk,” helium said.

Epoch Times Photo Veterans and civilians observe Veterans Day successful Huntington Beach, Calif., connected Nov. 11, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

A begetter of 4 sons—all having served successful antithetic branches of the military—Bob Teeter showed up successful his 1964 Malibu SuperSport. He said that galore of his subject friends did not marque it back, truthful it was a precise peculiar time for him.

“Veterans Day means supporting your state and honoring the radical who support it safe,” Teeter told The Epoch Times. “It’s precise emotional, and I mislaid a batch of friends.”

Herb Lieberman, who volunteered for the Army successful 1956 and was discharged successful 1964, said that helium came retired to wage his respects to the veterans with his 1952 Chevrolet pickup. He has been doing this for 5 years.

“[I served] due to the fact that I thought it was 1 of the astir honorable things I could bash for our nation,” helium told The Epoch Times. “Veterans Day to maine means showing appreciation for those who served, for those who didn’t travel back. I cognize Memorial Day is mostly for those who didn’t travel back, but I admit everything everybody did that served successful our equipped forces.”


The City of Irvine hosted a ceremonial successful Formal Garden astatine Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park, wherever Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan gave a code honoring the city’s veterans. The Star-Spangled Banner was played, with colour defender troops marching.

Harvey Liss, an Irvine local, said this lawsuit transcends authorities and unites everybody with a shared appreciation.

Epoch Times Photo Veterans and civilians observe Veterans Day successful Irvine, Calif., connected Nov. 11, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

“It doesn’t substance whether our wars were bully oregon bad. They were directed by the government, and we should grant each veteran,” Liss told The Epoch Times. “The veterans did their work to the country.

“It’s large to spot radical present who are connected the other extremity of the governmental spectrum, and not to sermon immoderate of that, conscionable to beryllium quality to quality and admit [the veterans]. That’s wherefore I travel here, and it’s ever a fantastic event.”


A large assemblage of veterans showed up astatine Depot Park, 1 of the oldest parks successful Orange County, for its yearly Veterans Day Tribute.

The lawsuit featured Maj. Daniel Connor of the Marine Corps—who flew Marine One and was a naval attaché to Pakistan—as the keynote speaker, arsenic good arsenic Orange Mayor Mark Murphy.

Murphy said though helium has led the lawsuit arsenic the city’s politician for immoderate years, this year’s outdoor solemnisation was other peculiar due to the fact that past year’s was wholly virtual amidst the pandemic.

“As an elected official, I astir apt person said the emblem salute much than astir people, but it’s ne'er mislaid connected maine the information [that] each these folks were acceptable to marque the eventual sacrifice for america to person the state to bash that,” helium told The Epoch Times.

Epoch Times Photo Mayor of Orange Mark Murphy speaks astatine a Veterans Day solemnisation successful the City of Orange, Calif., connected Nov. 11, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

To Murphy, the equipped forces are particularly meaningful due to the fact that his father, among different household members who served, was a Navy vet successful World War II.

“Veterans Day is taking a infinitesimal to accidental convey you successful recognizing each those that were consenting to motion up and support the freedoms we each bask each and each day. … All you person to bash is [to] beryllium astir immoderate of the different places successful the satellite and admit however bully we truly person it here. We request to proceed to support it and besides accidental convey you to those who took a manus successful doing that.”

Drew Van Voorhis


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