Ottawa Police Officer Who Donated $55 to Freedom Convoy Pleads Guilty to ‘Discreditable Conduct’ Charge

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An Ottawa constabulary serviceman has pleaded blameworthy to a complaint of discreditable behaviour for donating $55 to the Freedom Convoy successful February.

Const. Kristina Neilson donated to the Ottawa convoy done the crowdfunding level GoFundMe connected Jan. 23. The wealth was automatically refunded to her connected Feb. 5 aft GoFundMe stopped accepting donations for the convoy, citing a usurpation of its work terms.

The time her wealth was refunded, Neilson donated $55 to the convoy done different level called GiveSendGo. This donation was besides automatically refunded connected March 25 aft the Ontario authorities successfully petitioned a tribunal to frost the fundraiser.

Between the clip Neilson donated done GiveSendGo and earlier her wealth was refunded, the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) professional standards portion was alerted of her donation by a chief’s complaint, and launched an investigation.

Neilson attended a disciplinary hearing connected Sept. 15 to look the discreditable behaviour complaint nether the Police Services Act. The hearing’s notice said she acted successful a “disorderly manner, oregon successful a mode prejudicial to subject oregon apt to bring discredit upon the estimation of the Ottawa Police Service by donating wealth to the ‘Freedom Convoy Fund’ connected a website called ‘GiveSendGo.'”

Neilson cooperated with questioning during the Oct. 6 nationalist sentencing proceeding and acknowledged she made the donations.

During the hearing, prosecution lawyer Angela Stewart said Neilson’s behaviour “fell good below the tenable anticipation that the nationalist has of the work and its officers.”

Despite the tiny magnitude of Neilson’s donation, Stewart called Neilson’s actions “serious misconduct” and said the punishment “has to beryllium superior enough, arsenic well, to deter Constable Neilson arsenic good arsenic immoderate different officers from ever acting successful a akin manner.”

Neilson’s typical astatine the hearing, Sgt. Pat Laflamme, noted that she has served arsenic an Ottawa constabulary serviceman since 2012 and has received “excellent show reviews” some internally and done nationalist letters of commendation.

The prosecution besides noted that Neilson’s punishment volition beryllium mitigated due to the fact that of her aboriginal blameworthy plea, practice with the investigation, and the information that she’s ne'er been antecedently disciplined successful her 9 years with the OPS.

“There’s nary denotation that determination person ever been issues surrounding her show and nary crushed to judge successful this lawsuit that immoderate actions similar this oregon immoderate benignant of issues are going to reoccur,” said Stewart.

Neilson’s punishment volition astir apt beryllium a forfeiture of hours, according to the prosecution, who said that akin disciplinary cases successful the past person ended arsenic such.

The OPS has not yet posted the authoritative determination from the sentencing proceeding connected its website.

Rachel Emmanuel contributed to this report.

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