‘Our little girl is back’: Cleo Smith’s family thank WA police in first public statement

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The household of Cleo Smith person thanked constabulary and locals successful their distant Western Australian assemblage for helping to “bring their small miss back” to them.

In their archetypal nationalist statement, released connected Friday afternoon, Cleo’s mother, Ellie Smith, and stepfather, Jake Gliddon, said the household were “humbled by the emotion and support” they had received from “not lone our section assemblage but the full of Western Australia and crossed the country” successful narration to their daughter’s alleged abduction.

“We would similar to instrumentality this accidental to convey each those progressive successful the rescue of our girl Cleo Smith,” the connection said.

“In particular, we would similar to convey WA Police, each those progressive successful the archetypal search, the Carnarvon community, section businesses and of people our household and friends.

The brace said they “are truthful thankful that our small miss is backmost wrong our arms and our household is full again”.

“As we effort to get connected with our lives, we inquire that you respect our privacy,” they said.

Police officers discovered Cleo unsocial successful a location successful the municipality of Carnarvon which they raided successful the aboriginal hours of Wednesday morning, 18 days aft the four-year-old went missing from her family’s structure astatine a distant campsite connected the north-west seashore of WA.

Terence Darrell Kelly, the 36-year-old antheral who was arrested soon aft Cleo’s discovery, has been charged with abducting her.

Police recovered Cleo live and good and playing with toys erstwhile they discovered her astatine astir 1am wrong the Carnarvon property, which was conscionable minutes from her family’s location successful the southbound of the municipality and 75km from the Blowholes campsite she went missing from successful October.

On Friday, Kelly was flown from Carnarvon to a maximum-security situation successful Perth.

He appeared earlier a magistrate successful Carnarvon connected Thursday successful narration to assorted offences including 1 number of forcibly taking a kid nether 16, and was remanded successful custody up of the substance returning to tribunal adjacent month.

He was remanded successful custody up of the substance returning to tribunal adjacent month.

The constabulary commissioner, Chris Dawson, said Kelly would beryllium taxable to other information measures “for evident reasons”, having doubly been hospitalised aft self-harming portion successful custody.

The pb investigator, Det Supt Rod Wilde, has antecedently said constabulary “will allege … helium acted solely, alone”.

Since reuniting Cleo with her family, constabulary person released an audio signaling of the infinitesimal officers archetypal entered the country successful the Carnarvon location wherever they recovered her. During the exchange, officers asked her sanction and she responded “my sanction is Cleo”.

Police besides released footage from an officer’s assemblage camera showing the infinitesimal Cleo was carried retired of the location with 1 of the officers contiguous aboriginal describing the four-year-old arsenic having been similar “a small Energizer bunny”.

The WA premier, Mark McGowan, visited Cleo and her household successful Carnarvon connected Thursday. He gave the four-year-old 2 teddy bears named aft the officers who rescued her

“We did a fewer precocious fives. I, unfortunately, trod connected her caller Barbie shoes and broke 1 of them. So I beryllium her a brace of shoes,” McGowan said.

“It was a beauteous acquisition to conscionable that small girl. She’s conscionable bubbly, playing, friendly, sweet. She was eating an icy pole, she spilled it everywhere. She told maine it was very, precise sticky, which I believed, and she was conscionable delightful,” the premier said.

WA constabulary bash not expect anyone to assertion the $1m reward for accusation astir Cleo’s whereabouts that had been offered by the authorities – the adjacent largest reward ever offered by the state. Cleo’s household unrecorded successful Carnarvon.