Outrage as McDonald’s CEO appears to blame parents of slain Chicago children

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McDonald’s main executive, Chris Kempczinski, has sparked outrage aft the emergence of a substance speech with the Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, successful which helium appears to blasted 2 Chicago parents whose children were fatally shot.

In the recently publicized texts betwixt Kempczinski and Lightfoot from April, Kempczinski blamed the parents of 13-year-old Adam Toledo and seven-year-old Jaslyn Adams for their deaths.

Adams died successful a shooting astatine a McDonald’s drive-thru 1 time earlier the substance exchange. Toledo had been killed by a Chicago constabulary serviceman weeks prior, with video aboriginal coming retired showing that the kid had his hands successful the air.

“With both, the parents failed those kids which I cognize is thing you can’t say. Even harder to fix,” wrote Kempczinski successful a substance to Lightfoot.

Lightfoot texted back, “Thanks, Chris. Great to spot you successful person. Such a large enactment space, and your folks were terrific. I said to Joe I would beryllium blessed to scope retired to the relation to connection support. He and his squad members person got to beryllium traumatized. Terrible tragedy. Thanks again, Chris.”

The texts were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request. Images of the correspondence were besides posted successful a Twitter thread astir McDonald’s workers striking crossed the country.

Text betwixt Lightfoot and the McDonalds CEO, Chris Kempczinski, aft Lightfoot visited the McDonalds HQ earlier this year. Kempczinski blamed Adam Toledo's parents for his death.

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— Matt Chapman (@foiachap) October 26, 2021

About 30 protesters who gathered connected Wednesday extracurricular McDonald’s office successful Illinois for a objection organized by a twelve organizations including the Chicago Fight for $15 and a national condemned Kempczinski’s comments, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Children were besides present, with boxes looking akin to a McDonald’s Happy Meal speechmaking “McGarbage” and “Evil” arsenic good arsenic a banner asking Kempczinski to “take attraction of your workers truthful they tin instrumentality attraction of us”.

Organizers besides sent Kempczinski an unfastened missive critiquing his comments and requesting that helium conscionable with protesters wrong 7 days.

“The CEO doesn’t recognize oregon cognize our struggle. He’s blaming parents for unit connected the streets and that’s not fair,” Adriana Sanchez, a McDonald’s worker from the Back of the Yards vicinity successful Chicago’s south-west side, told the Tribune.

“These corporations exploit our communities and past dehumanize our families … Enough of the exploitation, capable of the ignorant racist comments.”

In a connection to McDonald’s firm employees connected Tuesday, Kempczinski said helium reflected connected his comments and expressed remorse.

“When I wrote this, I was reasoning done my lens arsenic a genitor and reacted viscerally. But I person not walked successful the shoes of Adam’s oregon Jaslyn’s household and truthful galore others who are facing a precise antithetic reality,” said Kempczinski. “Not taking the clip to deliberation astir this from their viewpoint was wrong, and lacked the empathy and compassion I consciousness for these families. This is simply a acquisition that I volition transportation with me.”