Outrage over scheme to electronically tag refugees arriving in the UK

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The Home Office has been accused of “victim blaming” asylum seekers aft launching a strategy to electronically tag refugees arriving successful the UK.

Ministers faced calls to wantonness the “farce of a policy” aft suggestions that those who precocious avoided being sent to Rwanda aft a ineligible situation could beryllium among the archetypal to beryllium tagged nether the programme.

Under the 12-month aviator scheme, which began past week, immoderate of those arriving aboard tiny boats from France oregon successful the backmost of lorries volition beryllium tagged. The Home Office has said the proceedings volition analyse whether physics monitoring tin assistance support regular interaction with migrants and assistance to advancement their claims. It volition besides cod information connected however galore radical abscond from migration bail.

However, critics said that determination was nary grounds that asylum seekers were absconding. Clare Moseley, laminitis of the Care4Calais charity, said: “I deliberation it’s outrageous. Refugees successful wide bash not abscond. There’s nary information that shows that they bash – they ne'er person done. They are present to assertion asylum, truthful wherefore would they? They’re not criminals, they’re victims. Things hap to them. They didn’t origin it. It’s conscionable different portion of the authorities criminalising refugees, which is fundamentally victim-blaming.”

Boris Johnson defended the plans connected Saturday. He said it was important that radical entering the state did not “vanish” from the system. “This is simply a very, precise generous, welcoming country,” helium said. “Quite close too. I americium arrogant of it, but erstwhile radical travel present illegally, erstwhile they interruption the law, it is important that we marque that distinction. That is what we are doing with our Rwanda policy.”

Stephen Kinnock, shadiness migration minister, said the argumentation was “yet different hopeless effort to distract nationalist attraction from the information that nether this location caput asylum decisions person plummeted, the backlog has grown and they are wholly failing to tackle the transgression gangs”. Labour person Keir Starmer accused the authorities of “chasing headlines”.

Alistair Carmichael, location affairs spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, said: “Conservative ministers person got themselves into a implicit messiness implicit this. The stench of incompetence is unbearable. This is astir similar a determined effort to discarded arsenic overmuch taxpayers’ wealth arsenic possible. Each time they trash the Great British contented of treating radical with respect. It’s clip they did the decent happening and conscionable gave up connected this farce of a policy.”