Over 55,000 People Sign Petition to Repeal Australian State’s New Pandemic Bill

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A petition to repeal the Victorian government’s projected Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 has garnered implicit 56,000 signatures arsenic of Nov. 4.

The petition, which Rebel News launched, alleges that the New Section 8A of the Bill (pdf) volition springiness Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews the aforesaid unlimited powerfulness arsenic that provided to the Nazi dictatorship.

According to the Bill, the premier volition person the powerfulness to state a pandemic, widen the prohibition indefinitely, and workout immoderate exigency powers helium deems “reasonably necessary,” including closing the home borders, introducing wellness restrictions, and allowing constabulary to participate backstage premises without a warrant. Victorian residents volition also face situation clip oregon hefty fines of up to AU$90,000 (US$67,570) if deemed failing to travel government-mandated wellness orders and airs a hazard to the wellness of others.

“Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution empowered 1 antheral to walk Emergency Decrees starring to the Nazi dictatorship,” the petition said.

“Under the decree issued connected the ground of Article 48, Hitler was fixed authorization to curtail law rights including habeas corpus, escaped look of opinion, state of the press, rights of assembly and the privateness of communications.

Supreme Court of Victoria gathering  Melbourne Australia Supreme Court of Victoria gathering successful Melbourne, Australia, connected April 18, 2012 (Wikimedia Commons)

“For 80 years, we successful the West person repeatedly declared ‘never again’—‘again’ has arrived, and this is the infinitesimal of truth.

“New Section 8A of Daniel Andrews’ Bill is our Article 48. It affords Andrews the aforesaid tyrannical powers that went unchecked successful 1933.”

The petition comes 5 days aft thousands of Victorians, led by independent authorities MP Catherine Cumming, marched done Melbourne connected Oct. 30 to Parliament House to protest the projected caller laws.

“Everyone knows that the authorities is introducing caller authorities to get much power. But who would spot the authorities with much power?” protestation attendee  Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick said, reported Rebel News.

“We indispensable respect the rights of Victorians. If this Bill passes, they volition person a imperishable exigency successful the hands of the premier. We cannot fto this Bill pass.”

The Bill has already passed the state’s little location connected Oct. 28. Once passed successful the precocious house, which is expected to hap betwixt Nov. 16 – 19, astatine that point, the lone mode to halt the Bill would beryllium for the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau, to not springiness her consent to the caller legislation.

The superior law responsibilities of Governors of Australian states see calling elections, presiding implicit the Executive Council, giving Royal Assent to bills passed by precocious and little houses, dissolving the Legislative Assembly successful exceptional circumstances, and appointing and dismissing Ministers.

Epoch Times Photo Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Melbourne, Australia, to reason the Victorian Government’s pandemic authorities connected Oct. 30, 2021. (supplied)

The petition calls connected the Victorian Governor to withhold her consent to the Bill and pass Premier Andrews of the consequences of his projected course.

“Though it is unprecedented, we crook to the Governor present and inquire that the Honourable Linda Dessau AC enactment according to Australia’s halfway principles of authorities and democracy,” the petition wrote.

The petition from Rebel News comes aft the highest ineligible body, the Victorian Bar, has issued an unfastened letter calling the caller Bill arsenic a “gross representation,” saying that the Bar was ne'er provided with a draught Bill.

“The overriding interest is that the Bill confers connected the Health Minister what is, successful a applicable sense, an efficaciously unlimited powerfulness to regularisation the authorities by decree, for an efficaciously indefinite period, and without effectual judicial oregon parliamentary oversight,” the lawyers argued.

As of 5:00 p.m. connected Nov.4, 56,693 radical had signed the petition.

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