Owners offload dogs bought in lockdown by pretending they are strays

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People are pretending that dogs they acquired during lockdown are strays truthful that rescue centres instrumentality them in, aft failing to merchantability them online, carnal rescue charities and shelters person warned.

Figures from March revealed that much than 3.2m pets were bought by UK households during lockdown. Since Covid restrictions lifted and radical person started to instrumentality to the office, charities person reported a increasing inclination of radical abandoning their pandemic pets arsenic they nary longer person arsenic overmuch clip for them.

Many of these pets were bought online and their existent origins and aesculapian issues were not disclosed. They often person a higher incidence of behavioural and wellness problems and are frankincense much hard to rehome.

Shelters and charities are reporting that owners who nary longer privation their pets are attempting to merchantability them online via websites specified arsenic Gumtree and Pets4Homes successful an effort to recoup what they paid for the dog.

Ira Moss, the laminitis of the foundation All Dogs Matter, told the Independent: “We person noticed successful the past mates of weeks an summation successful dogs coming in, and we judge that 90% of the clip radical person been pressured to merchantability the dogs archetypal alternatively than bring them into the charities.

“Dog wardens person been getting calls from vets who accidental a subordinate of the nationalist has said they recovered a stray, but often it’s by radical who can’t beryllium bothered to hold for rescue charities to assistance oregon are embarrassed astir handing the canine in.

“When a canine warden takes a dog, they volition scan a microchip and the idiosyncratic registered connected the spot tin assertion the canine back. But sometimes you telephone them and they accidental they sold the canine immoderate clip back, oregon the fig doesn’t work.”

Moss said a batch of radical failed to deliberation done buying a lockdown puppy and are present struggling to support up financially oregon experiencing behavioural problems owed to a deficiency of grooming and socialisation.

And, arsenic dogs thin to suffer their worth the older they get, galore person been sold online aggregate times earlier arriving astatine the charity’s door, starring to a scope of issues including separation anxiousness and confusion, Moss warned.

Hope Rescue, an carnal foundation based successful Rhondda Cynon Taf, told the BBC the fig of dogs being dropped disconnected astatine its rescue centre successful Pontyclun was the highest successful its 15-year history.

The foundation said it excessively had recovered that immoderate canine owners had called a canine warden and pretended their ain favored was a stray, oregon taken the dogs straight to a rescue centre claiming they had recovered them abandoned.

Sara Rosser, caput of welfare, said that successful the past week alone, 5 dogs had travel into the centre that they knew were fake strays, but the fig “could beryllium overmuch higher”. It has meant that “fake” stray dogs are jumping the queue up of dogs that are genuinely abandoned, she added.

Moss urged radical to look to charities for assistance with rehoming their unwanted dogs. “They are not conscionable a car you’re selling online. A batch of radical deliberation they’re conscionable going to spell into a kennel, but they are amended disconnected going to a kennel with professionals for a week oregon truthful than being passed astir homes.”