Oxford college to change its name after £155m donation

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A University of Oxford assemblage is to alteration its sanction to honour Vietnam’s richest pistillate aft she offered it a £155m donation.

Linacre College says it volition inquire the privy assembly for support to alteration its sanction to Thao College aft signing a memorandum of knowing implicit the wealth with Sovico Group – represented by its chair, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao.

The postgraduate college, founded successful 1962, is named aft the Renaissance humanist, aesculapian idiosyncratic and classicist Thomas Linacre. The donation volition assistance to wage for a caller postgraduate centre and postgraduate entree scholarships, the assemblage has said.

“We person agelong been 1 of the slightest well-endowed colleges astatine the university, truthful we are delighted that a important portion of the donation volition beryllium for our wide endowment fund, to assistance enactment the regular moving of college,” it said.

“Sovico Group has besides committed to each their subsidiaries reaching nett zero c by the extremity of 2050 with the input from starring Oxford academics.

“After receiving the archetypal donation of £50m, we volition attack the privy assembly to inquire for support to alteration our sanction from Linacre College to Thao College successful designation of this landmark gift.”

At Oxford determination has been disquiet implicit Thao’s donation to the institution, which has styled itself arsenic “one of the greenest colleges successful Oxford”. Sovico’s concern interests see offshore lipid and state exploration, fossil substance financing, and Vietnam’s archetypal backstage airline.

According to the Tab, Thao made overmuch of her luck from VietJet air, a fund airline, which is controlled by Sovico. The conglomerate is besides the largest shareholder successful HDBank, connected the committee of which she besides serves arsenic vice-chair. HDBank is the main financer of the state-owned Vietnam National Petroleum Group.

Dr Maria Kawthar Daouda, a lecturer successful French lit astatine Oxford, told the Telegraph assemblage names should not beryllium altered simply due to the fact that “a large acquisition has been made”.

“Thankfulness for Madam Thao’s wealth could beryllium expressed successful ways that bash not erase what the donation is meant to protect,” Daouda said.

Another don, who was not identified, was much relaxed astir the change. “If this were 1 of the large historical colleges 1 would person heavy reservations,” helium said. “But arsenic it’s a modern assemblage and has not got a large endowment, 1 tin recognize the decision. If idiosyncratic is going to enactment successful a colossal magnitude of money, it’s not unreasonable to person thing to amusement for it.”