Oxford University: ‘No Evidence’ Vaccines Won’t Protect Against Severe Omicron Disease

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Researchers with Oxford University connected Tuesday announced determination is presently “no evidence” to suggest that communal COVID-19 vaccines won’t support against the Omicron CCP microorganism variant that was precocious discovered and has caused worldwide panic.

So far, Oxford University said successful a statement, determination is constricted information connected Omicron and that it would cautiously reappraisal the interaction the variant has connected vaccines. Oxford partnered with drugmaker AstraZeneca to make 1 of the astir commonly utilized vaccines successful the world.

“Despite the quality of caller variants implicit the past year, vaccines person continued to supply precise precocious levels of extortion against terrible illness and determination is nary grounds truthful acold that Omicron is immoderate different,” Oxford said successful a statement. “However, we person the indispensable tools and processes successful spot for accelerated improvement of an updated COVID-19 vaccine if it should beryllium necessary.”

It comes arsenic the United States, European Union, Israel, Japan, and different countries announced question restrictions targeting respective confederate African countries. The Omicron variant was archetypal discovered earlier this period successful South Africa and Botswana.

And past week, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the variant arsenic 1 of concern, portion courting contention for skipping implicit “Xi” successful the Greek alphabet erstwhile naming it the strain Omicron. In an update connected Sunday, the U.N. wellness assemblage said that arsenic researchers successful South Africa and different countries behaviour research, it isn’t yet wide whether Omicron is much transmissible than either the Delta oregon Alpha variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) microorganism that causes COVID-19.

“The fig of radical investigating affirmative has risen successful areas of South Africa affected by this variant,” WHO said, “but epidemiologic studies are underway to recognize if it is due to the fact that of Omicron oregon different factors.”

A apical South African doc who helped rise the alarm implicit Omicron, successful aggregate quality interviews, said the Omicron variant appears to contiguous milder, but unusual, symptoms, arsenic compared with the Delta variant.

“The bulk of what we are presenting to superior wellness attraction practitioners are highly mild cases, truthful mild to moderate. And so, these patients, it means they don’t request to beryllium hospitalized for now,” Dr. Angelique Coetzee, seat of the South African Medical Association, told CNN connected Tuesday morning.

But WHO’s appraisal asserted that with Omicron, “there could beryllium aboriginal surges of COVID-19, which could person terrible consequences depending connected a fig of factors including wherever surges whitethorn instrumentality place,” and “global hazard related to the (omicron variant) is assessed arsenic precise high.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden, flanked by COVID-19 advisor Anthony Fauci, said successful a Monday code that Americans should either get vaccinated oregon person the booster shot.

At the aforesaid time, Biden said helium doesn’t judge that states, businesses, and municipalities request to instrumentality shutdowns, lockdowns, oregon stay-at-home orders that were commonplace past twelvemonth but person been blamed for important economical fallout.

“This variant is simply a origin for concern, not a origin for panic,” Biden said astatine the White House. “We person much tools to combat the variant than we person ever had before.”

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Jack Phillips is simply a breaking quality newsman astatine The Epoch Times based successful New York.