Packers And 2 Players Fined For Violating NFL COVID-19 Protocols

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By Associated Press
November 10, 2021

The squad was fined $300,000, portion backmost Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Allen Lazard received fines of $14,650 each.

The NFL fined the Packers $300,000 Tuesday for violations of league and players' national COVID-19 information protocols. The league besides issued $14,650 fines to backmost Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Allen Lazard.

When helium was asked astir his vaccination presumption successful an Aug. 26 quality conference, Rodgers replied by saying, “Yeah, I’m immunized.”

Rodgers had said Friday helium sought alternate treatments alternatively than the NFL-endorsed vaccinations due to the fact that helium is allergic to an constituent successful the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. He didn’t specify the ingredient.

The three-time NFL MVP said helium didn’t privation the Johnson & Johnson vaccine aft proceeding of aggregate radical who’d had adverse reactions to it. Rodgers besides said helium was disquieted astir imaginable fertility issues from getting 1 of these 3 vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says determination is nary grounds COVID-19 vaccines origin fertility problems successful men oregon women and that vaccinations are recommended for radical who privation to person children.

Rodgers said helium stands down the comments helium made past week astir wherefore helium didn't get vaccinated, but acknowledges misleading immoderate radical astir his presumption earlier investigating positive.

“I made immoderate comments that radical mightiness person felt were misleading,” Rodgers said. “To anybody who felt misled by those comments, I instrumentality afloat work for those comments.”

Rodgers didn’t specify the comments helium was referencing astatine the time. But astir 20 minutes later, helium acknowledged that helium had misled immoderate radical astir his vaccination status.

The NFL determined successful its reappraisal that Rodgers and Lazard attended a Halloween enactment portion unvaccinated. League protocols prohibit unvaccinated players from gathering extracurricular of the nine installation successful a radical of much than 3 players.

While Rodgers has appeared astatine quality conferences unmasked regularly, a reappraisal of video from the nine installation showed nary wide oregon systemic mask-wearing violations speech from a fewer isolated incidents involving Rodgers and Lazard. The Packers were fined successful portion due to the fact that they knew astir the protocol violations astatine the Halloween enactment but didn't subject either subordinate oregon pass the league.

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